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For many hobby gardeners, a well-groomed lawn is the basis of an attractive property. But when is the right time to sow seeds? Can lawns still be sown in autumn or is it already too late in October and November?


The optimal time

In autumn the garden slowly goes to rest. Ornamental and useful plants stop growing, and the lawn grows only sparsely. However, you can still sow lawns in October and November if you meet a few requirements:

  • Temperatures above 8°C
  • sufficient moisture present
  • Soil must not be dry

If you sow seeds during this period, you have the advantage that the lawn will germinate quickly and you can look forward to a dense carpet of grass in spring. If you don't sow your seeds until spring, frost can delay growth.

The guide to the perfect lawn


First of all, it is important that you prepare the site well. It is also important whether you want to compact an existing lawn or whether you are seeding from scratch. When compacting, it is important that you same seeds as before Select.

You need the following tools:

  • rakes and spades
  • spreader or gloves
  • lawn roller
  • hose or watering can

Important: You should allow 14 days between the time of soil preparation and the actual sowing.

Step by step instructions:

  • stake out area
  • Carefully remove stones and roots lying around
  • dig up the soil at a depth of 20 cm
  • Enrich excavated soil with compost
  • return enriched soil and rake smooth
  • water vigorously

If there are still plant remains on the property, you must carefully dig them out together with the root network. Otherwise there is a risk that your new lawn will be decomposed by weeds.

The sowing in autumn

Start sowing only when the soil has settled again. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the days after sowing no frost are. The lawn needs a moist environment, frost can prevent it from germinating.

How to proceed:

  • Distribute seed over the area with a spreader or by hand
  • distribute fine seeds very carefully
  • Work the surface carefully and carefully with the lawn roller
lawn seed

After you have sown the seed, the entire area must be watered. Be sure to make sure that no waterlogging occurs and the seeds are not washed away by the water. You also have to keep in mind that it rains a lot in October and November, so don't water too much.

A garden hose with a finely adjusted spray is best. This allows you to water the entire surface without the water jet being too hard.

Closed season for the new meadow

After you have sown, the area still needs protection for a while. For at least six, better eight weeks nobody should step on the lawn. If it cannot be avoided, lay out wooden boards beforehand and distribute your weight on them.

Also make sure that pets are kept away from the new lawn. Cats in particular are magically attracted to new lawns and like to leave their legacy on it.

In the first six weeks you should use warm weather water regularly. Use the times when the sun does not fall directly on the lawn. If enough rain falls, there is no need for manual topping up.

A garden hose with a finely adjusted spray is suitable for watering

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