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Blueberries are one of the most popular berries that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The blue, round fruits of the various types of blueberries can be eaten straight from the bush and delight with their sweet, sour, fresh and even slightly bitter aromas, which vary from variety to variety. If you're looking for a suitable strain that also offers a bountiful yield, you've come to the right place.

Blueberry varieties from A - Z

20 aromatic varieties with good taste

Blueberries provide a bountiful yield and can either be eaten raw or processed into a variety of different products. Of course, the taste is important when choosing the right variety. Blueberries are available in numerous flavor nuances, ranging from sweet to sour to full-bodied and particularly fruity. The following list gives you an overview of 20 blueberry varieties that have an excellent taste and are therefore fun to snack on:

Varieties from B - C


Of all the varieties mentioned, this one is reminiscent of sweet and juicy blueberries that you can buy at the weekly market or in health food stores. They are significantly fresher and less nuanced in taste, which makes them ideal for a snack in between.

Blue dessert

With the Blue Dessert there is a variety of blueberries that is particularly popular because of its aroma. Although the yield is not as high as with other blueberry varieties, the rather large berries are intensely sweet with a fine character. This makes her a late harvest aromatic strain.


If you are interested in growing a tasty blueberry with an intense aroma and low maintenance, you should choose 'Bluetta'. This strain is beginner-friendly and not demanding in any way, which is what makes it so popular.


Another classic whose berries spread a tart sweetness on the palate. The spicy nuances alternate with the sweet ones and thus ensure a complex and clearly different character that you otherwise know from other blueberry varieties.

Bridget Blue

'Brigitta Blue' is known for its pleasant, sweet and sour taste, which is not boring at all. Due to its compact growth, the plant fits into any garden and makes it easier for you to choose a small variety with a grandiose aroma.


A modern favorite is 'Chandler', whose berries are at least an inch across. The aroma is fresh, intense and, with the right maturity, exciting every season.

Varieties from D - J


Compared to other blueberries, 'Duke' has a very mild aroma and is often eaten directly from the bush. The large berries inspire with their firmness to the bite. The high yields do not decrease year after year, making the strain ideal for long-term cultivation.

gold grape

If you are looking for a blueberry with a natural acidity, go for 'Goldtraube'. The large, firm berries are even reminiscent of white grapes, which is what gave them their name. When the ripe fruits are presented in up to three different colors from mid-August to the end of September, you can look forward to an exciting harvest.


'Elizabeth' is one of the varieties that bears the latest ripe berries and is known for its taste. It is one of the berries with the best aroma and should therefore not be missing in any blueberry garden. In addition, they are quite undemanding to the soil and are therefore perfect for gardens with difficult soils.


'Jersey' presents small, intense blue blueberries that can be quickly and effectively collected from the bush in large clusters. If the blueberries are eaten raw, you should be prepared for a delicious acid kick.


One of the most popular varieties in the USA is the 'Jubilee' blueberry, which is known for its complex character with a well-balanced sweetness and crunchy flesh. Since specimens are only rarely offered in Europe, this blueberry variety is not so easy to find and has to be imported.

Varieties of N - P


A new variety that stands out for its dark blueberries with an intense aroma. The robust strain has a flavor that's perfect for jams, compotes, and cakes.

North Country

An elegant royal blue and an aroma reminiscent of wild berries instead of classic blueberries. This is how this variety can be described, which has an extremely compact habit and can therefore be kept well in containers.


'Patriot' is known for the high yield that can be achieved every year without much maintenance. Intense blue and juicy flesh with an intense aroma characterize the variety, whose fruits can reach a diameter of a whopping 2.5 centimeters.

Peach sorbet

A unique variety that is reminiscent of peaches, and not just because of its coloring. The berries even taste like the popular stone fruit, which makes 'Peach Sorbet' increasingly popular with blueberry enthusiasts. As the year draws to a close, the cultivar's foliage turns a purplish red.

Varieties of R - T


The taste of the Reka is considered the highlight among the sour blueberry varieties. The acidity is pleasant on the tongue, not too intense on the palate and lingers in the mouth for a long time. In addition, it develops its berries very early, but is neither bland nor boring.


Another blueberry is the 'Spartan', popular for its large, picturesque berries that are easy to pick and extremely tasty. The intensity of the aroma is what makes the strain so noteworthy.


One of the classic strains that is often planted as an evergreen and ignites a melange of sweet and sour flavors in the mouth. The fruits can already be harvested in midsummer. It is one of the particularly high-yielding blueberry varieties.

top hat

The 'Top Hat' variety is known for its black-blue coloration and equally intense taste. High yields of up to eight kilograms per bush are possible here and due to the yield, you should definitely process the sweet fruits into jams or compotes.


Toro blueberries are immediately noticeable because of their size and light blue color. Not only is she a highly aromatic, she is an appealing strain that is very popular in the US. It is a must for your own garden, as it presents picturesque pink flowers from May to June, which then develop into juicy fruits.

tip: When looking for a blueberry variety, be sure to pay attention to the labels of the retailers. Sometimes cultivated cranberries such as the varieties 'Early Black' or 'Red Pearl' are offered together with the blueberries, since cranberries are a genus of blueberries, as can be clearly recognized from the botanical name Vaccinium vitis-idaea.

Alternative: forest blueberry

In addition to the breeds mentioned above, which originated from the American blueberry (bot. Vaccinium corymbosum), there is also the wild blueberry, which is native to Europe. Vaccinium myrtillus was collected by the earliest civilizations in Europe and has been a popular part of the diet for centuries, as its flavor varies between sweet and sour depending on location. You can easily grow wild blueberries if you can't decide on a variety that suits your taste. However, since this is the wild form of the native blueberry, there are no cultivars of the plant. That means you can grow the original blueberry flavor yourself.

tip: Be careful when eating local blueberries, as they not only contain seeds but also anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are healthy pigments formed by blueberries that stain the tongue, teeth, lips, skin and clothing reddish or blue and are present in high concentrations, which is why the berries were used as coloring agents in the past.

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