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The March cups are the first heralds of spring that can be found in the garden. The decorative plant is also known under the names Great Snowdrop or March Droplet. The first white flowers often appear as early as February. Since the spring snowflake likes a slightly Mediterranean climate, it unfortunately does not bloom everywhere in the local latitudes. When flowering usually begins and when it ends is discussed in the following article.

Flowering time of spring beetroot

First flowering time

The March cup is one of the heralds of the approaching spring. Because when the rest of nature is still asleep, the first tender, green leaves appear. Flowering also follows very quickly. However, the first time for flowering also depends on the previous winter and the climate area in general. So the first flowering times look like this:

  • with a mild winter in January
  • usually in February
  • earlier in mild climates
  • with a lot of ice and snow only later

main flowering period

The spring snowflake's actual blooming season peaks in March, as the plant's name suggests. Because at this time the sun, which shines through the branches of the mostly bare trees onto the forest floor, is already warm enough to attract insects. And the March cup needs this for pollination. So the following main flowering period can be assumed:

  • in the warm winter from February
  • Plants definitely flower in March
  • if the location is right
  • no longer bloom in the shade
  • depends on the sprouting of the trees
  • mostly in April
  • Plant withers and withdraws
  • Onions remain in the ground until the next season

last bloom

When it gets warmer and the first trees sprout, it's time for the March cup to retreat back into the ground. Because without the sun's rays, the plant cannot survive. Therefore, by April at the latest, she lets the leaves and flowers dry up and retreats into the ground when the green roof of the forest hardly lets the sun through. It is mainly due to the preferred locations of Leucojum vernum that it only develops its flowers so quickly but so early.

Early flowering

Why do March cups bloom so early?

The spring snowflake prefers forest soil and sunlight. Since it is quite dark on the ground in the forest when the trees have formed their leaves, it has to come out of the ground early in order to be able to catch the sun's rays. The following reasons are responsible for Leucojum vernum flowering so early:

  • prefers nutrient-rich loamy soil
  • therefore often growing wild on the forest floor
  • needs a lot of sun to grow
  • light-intensive period is used effectively
  • the forest is thick with leaves, no more sun
  • Plant withdraws again
  • Onion provides stored nutrients

It is not the plant itself that needs the sun, but the insects that are supposed to pollinate it, mostly stay in sunny places. Therefore, many flowers also wither in the shade, as they no longer put energy into flowering if there are no pollinating insects in the area.

Preferred locations

In the wild, the March cup prefers a loamy, nutrient-rich and slightly moist soil. The edge of the forest in particular offers this, ideally with a stream. However, these locations no longer offer any sun from spring to autumn, because the dense foliage of the trees prevents the sun's rays from reaching the ground. If you want to make March cups bloom in the garden, you have to do the following site conditions note:

  • in a semi-shady bed
  • moist, loamy, nutrient-rich soil
  • preferably near a garden pond or watercourse
  • However, avoid waterlogging
  • direct winter sun desired
  • otherwise avoid blazing sun
  • plant in front of dense fences or walls
  • under a tree

Cultivation in your own garden is considered a challenge among hobby gardeners. Because if the location is not right, then the March cup will not bloom.

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