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The easy-care yucca doesn't need to be watered much, but it needs to be watered regularly. In this article we have summarized all the information you need to know about watering this palm tree! The yucca palm is used to dry and hot climates. Because it is native to the south of the USA as well as to the desert and semi-desert of Central America. Accordingly, it has adapted to the local climate and can store large amounts of water. Of course, this also has an effect on care, because the ornamental plant only needs to be watered rarely.

water demand

Water requirements depend on various factors

Basically, the yucca has one low Water requirement, so frequent watering is usually not necessary. However, it is not possible to generalize how often the ornamental plant ultimately has to be watered. Because the water requirement of the palm tree depends on various factors. The following aspects play an important role in watering and must be taken into account:

  • season
  • ambient temperature
  • age and size of the plant
  • humidity

tip: The yucca gets along well with a high pH value, which is why it can be watered with room-warm tap water without any problems.

How much water does the palm lily need?

There is no general answer for this, because the amount of water is also influenced by the factors mentioned above. However, since the yucca can store water, it should not too much get water at once. Adult yuccas require relatively little water. In young plants, the root system is not yet sufficiently developed to absorb a lot of water. It is not possible to give an exact amount, but the following points can help you determine the amount of water:

  • about a glass of water
  • or a small watering can
  • water so much that the soil is always moist
  • However, the substrate should not be wet!

tip: To avoid waterlogging, excess water should always be poured away. It is best to check on the plant about 15 minutes after watering and empty out any standing water.


The palm tree grows best in the early morning hours cast. Midday should be avoided at all costs, because the sun acts like a kind of magnifying glass and can damage the plant. Late evening hours should also be avoided, as standing water can encourage rot. Whether the yucca needs water can be seen from the substrate. As soon as the top layer of soil has dried, the palm can be watered. This can be checked with a simple finger test:

  • Stick your fingers into the soil one to two centimeters deep
  • water when the substrate is dry
  • wait when the substrate is damp

tip: You can also use a lifting test to check whether the substrate is still wet. Because moist substrate is heavier than dry. Simply lift the plant and pot.

Water in the growing season

The palm tree is in the growing season from spring to autumn. In order for it to be able to grow and thrive extensively during this time, it needs a sufficient amount of water. However, that doesn't mean she needs to be watered like mad. Because even during the growth period, the palm should not receive too much water.

  • once every 2 weeks is usually sufficient
  • once a week is better
  • water less during rainy periods
  • Water more often during particularly hot, dry periods

Water yucca in winter

In winter, both the nutrient and water requirements of the yucca are low. While the palm tree wants to be watered regularly in summer, it is special in winter frugal. Because in the cold season, the yucca is cast much less frequently.

  • Water at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks
  • or once a month

Water yucca in the garden

In local regions, it is usually not necessary to water yuccas cultivated outdoors. Because the rainfall is usually sufficient to cover the water needs of the palm trees. Outdoors, however, the frugal plant should be protected from too much water, as it is very sensitive to it. This is ideal coarse grit or gravel that is distributed around the tribe. Sometimes it is nevertheless advisable to water the yuccas in the garden as well:

  • particularly hot and dry summer
  • either pour or slightly moisten

Yucca watered too much?

Both incorrect watering behavior and a particularly wet summer can cause problems for the palm tree. Containers without drainage holes and waterlogging also pose a danger to the plant. If the ornamental plant has been watered too much, this is usually noticeable in many yellow and/or brown leaves. In this case, you should definitely water less, as the high humidity promotes a variety of infections and diseases:

  • root and stem rot
  • Trunk can become softer
  • leaf spot disease

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