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Hobby and professional gardeners are always discussing whether cucumbers should really be used to the full. Nevertheless, below are some tips on how to maximize the cucumber plants.

In a nutshell

  • whether it is better to max out your cucumbers or not is debatable
  • controlled growth, strong plants and more flowering are possible consequences
  • Pruning should affect the bottom 60cm of the plant while trimming the top
  • large cucumber plants have less energy, so you should prune them regularly


The well-known stinging shoots are side shoots of a plant that are sterile. These grow between the summer shoot and the stem of the plant. Basically, there are good reasons that speak for the removal of cucumber plants, although there is no guarantee for a lush harvest:

  • Control growth
  • Cucumber plants robust
  • More flowers and fruits
  • Powerful specimens

Notice: When eating cucumbers, you can direct your energy to the important blossoms and fruits. The side shoots and their importance then move into the background.

Unique process

A single scoop is enough for the cucumbers. This process can be done quickly and conveniently by cutting back at the top and bottom.

Tip: Be careful not to let the plants get too big. This weakens the growth of cucumber plants.

Step-by-step instructions

In three steps you skimp on your cucumbers in the garden:

  • shorten lower area
  • Tip peak
  • Remove side shoots

Cut down

First, remove all buds, flowers and also shoots that grow below 60 cm in height on the cucumber. Cut them off completely with garden shears. This stimulates the formation of buds.


If the cucumber is too big, cut off the top. This process promotes growth and is particularly necessary when the cucumber plant is larger than the trellis.

Treat side shoots

If the side and side shoots of the plant gain the upper hand, the removal of the same is necessary. You have to cucumber as spots. The cucumber plant should focus on the main shoots.

Freeil cucumbers as an exception

The outdoor cucumbers thrive under the open sky. Compared to the cucumbers, the effort is manageable. Cutting measures are almost never necessary. However, if the cucumber plants are spreading more and more, you can counteract this with a pruning.

frequently asked Questions

How do I cut cucumbers properly?

For most cucumber varieties, you should cut off the main stem. The top side shoots then continue to grow. Pruning prevents the plant from drying up and shedding fruit. At the same time, the risk of disease decreases. The command with pests will also become less likely.

Why is the cutting of cucumbers controversial?

Gardeners are divided as to whether this process promises any real benefits. Unlike tomatoes, it cannot be said with certainty that the harvest will be more plentiful. However, there are no disadvantages either, so you are welcome to use the previous instructions as a guide.

How do I care for the cucumber?

Again and again remove dried and rotten leaves from the plant. The disease risk decreases considerably. At the same time, you should harvest the cucumber quickly, otherwise the taste will become bitter and watery.

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