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Parsley is one of the most important kitchen herbs and is easy to grow in the garden. Regardless of whether the parsley is in the herb or vegetable bed, suitable neighbors can promote the development of the plants.

In a nutshell

  • Leek plants keep pests like the carrot fly away
  • Cruciferous plants blow off aphids on cut parsley
  • Cucurbits provide shade, as cut parsley doesn't like the blazing sun
  • Herbs in the mixed culture can prevent fungal diseases

allium plants

Cut parsley belongs to the umbelliferae family and there are pests that prefer to afflict this plant family. These include, for example, carrot flies or leaf miners. You can prevent an infestation with different leek plants. The advantage is that the intense smell of parsley can also prevent onion fly infestation.
Suitable leeks:

  • leek
  • onions
  • shallots
  • spring onions
  • chives
  • wild garlic
  • garlic
wild garlic leaves

Tip: Wild leek species, such as the vineyard leek or the mountain leek are also suitable partners in the herb bed in the mixed culture. You can sow parsley seeds between the leeks or use the plants directly.


Cruciferous vegetables are known for their pungent and spicy aroma, which is particularly effective in repelling aphids. In addition, cruciferous vegetables also have antibacterial properties, which means that you, as a direct neighbor, can prevent infections. Cruciferous plants are not only suitable neighbors for cut parsley, but also for root parsley or curly species.
Selection of suitable cruciferous vegetables:

  • radish
  • radish
  • arugula
  • broccoli
  • Kale
  • garden cress

Tip: Radishes are suitable as so-called marker seeds for cut parsley. As a result, the seed rows are marked and clearly recognizable.



All types of parsley do not like the blazing sun, because the leaves suffer from it. They prefer semi-shady places where it is always moderately humid. Therefore, some cucurbits feel very comfortable in the company, because the leaves provide shade and they prefer a constantly slightly moist soil.
Suitable gourds:

  • zucchini
  • pumpkins
  • cucumbers

Field cucumbers and pickled cucumbers are theoretically also suitable as neighbors for the parsley, but they do not offer as good protection from the sun. You should prefer shady mixed culture partners if you cannot offer a partially shaded location for the parsley plants.

The regular cultivation of heavy feeders such as zucchini can quickly deplete soil.

Other types of vegetables

Shade providers and ground covers are also good partners for all types of parsley. However, it is important that they are not susceptible to the same diseases and pests.
Other good partners are:

  • tomatoes
  • spinach
  • chard

The smell of the tomatoes also drives away aphids on the parsley plants.


Herbs as mixed culture partners

Cut parsley can also be planted in herb beds as an annual culture. However, there are also some annual herbs that are also suitable neighbors. Cut parsley benefits from other herbs mainly due to its fungicidal or antibacterial properties.
Suitable herbs:

  • fenugreek
  • borage
  • marjoram
  • cumin
  • paracress
  • Summer savory

The chamomile is conditionally also a good partner. It has excellent fungicidal properties, thanks to which you can prevent various fungal infections. However, the chamomile itself is susceptible to aphids, which in turn can be transmitted to the parsley in the immediate vicinity. Chamomile should therefore only be chosen as a neighbor if there have been problems with fungal infections on the cut parsley in previous years.
Some perennial herbs are also good partners for cut parsley. They drive away pests such as aphids, especially with their intense smell.
Suitable perennial herbs:

  • thyme
  • mountain savory

Tagetes as a protective plant

Tagetes are popular protective plants in the garden to keep different pests away. It is even a distraction plant for snails, as the voracious molluscs prefer to eat them. But other vegetables are safe from them. The intense smell of parsley also repels various pests such as leaf miners.

frequently asked Questions

Which neighbors are unsuitable in the mixed culture with parsley?

Bad neighbors are primarily plants that belong to the same umbelliferae family. Pests and diseases can be transmitted more easily within the family. Salads are also not good neighbors, as are other types of parsley such as root parsley or varieties with curly leaves.

Can I grow cut parsley in the mixed culture in the same bed?

No, mixed cultures support each other, but do not offer full protection against pests and diseases. It is therefore not only important to have suitable plant neighbors, but also to always change the location so that diseases and pests do not immediately feed again.

Is fruit also suitable for mixed cultivation?

Strawberries are limited as mixed culture partners. They provide shade and they protect each other from pests. However, if you have problems with fungal infections, you should not choose cut parsley as a mixed culture partner, as the infections are transferable.

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