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Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) belongs to summer like speculoos to Christmas. But can you give your dog a piece of the refreshing melon? We'll tell you.

In a nutshell

  • Watermelon suitable as a small snack for dogs
  • feed without shell and seeds
  • can cause diarrhea and vomiting
  • other types of melon in small quantities also suitable

Watermelon pulp

Watermelon is also a sweet refreshment for dogs on hot days. The fruit consists of 92 percent water, but still has a not insignificant calorie content. You should definitely bear this in mind when feeding and adjust the daily portion of normal food accordingly. As a snack, however, the watermelon also shines with its high content of vitamins and minerals. Make sure the watermelon is ripe. It should sound dull and hollow when you tap the bowl from the outside.

Notice: Watermelon contains 30 calories per 100 grams.

Be careful with the skin and seeds

If your dog does steal a piece of watermelon from the table, you don't need to worry. This shouldn't happen only in large quantities, because the seeds of the melon can cause an intestinal obstruction. It is therefore better to remove all the seeds from your dog's melon piece. Even if your dog devours the fruit and peel, there is no reason to panic. The melon peel is digestible and will be excreted by your four-legged friend. Nevertheless, vomiting and diarrhea can occur. The reason for this is not the skin itself, but the chemical agents, such as pesticides or preservatives, with which the watermelon may have been treated.

Watermelon has a dehydrating effect

The fruit stimulates the kidneys with its combination of nutrients and regulates the water balance. Due to its potassium content, it has a diuretic effect. However, this effect does not set in immediately, but is delayed. It is therefore possible that you often have to go outside with your dog.

Tip: Do not feed your dog the watermelon just before sleeping. This can otherwise become a restless night for two and four-legged friends.

Watermelon diarrhea

The fruit stimulates digestion and thus the gastrointestinal tract. Eating melon can cause diarrhea in sensitive dogs. Therefore, test your dog's tolerance using small pieces over several days. Watermelon therefore also serves as a natural laxative.

Notice: If your dog has pollen or grass allergies, it could also be allergic to melons.

Individual snack

No matter what form you prepare this refreshing snack for your dog, you should always make sure to remove the seeds and skin thoroughly. If removing the seeds is too complicated for you, buy a seedless melon straight away. You can give your dog the melon pieces straight from the fridge. A slightly more elaborate option for refreshment would be to make watermelon ice cream:

  • Separate the skin from the flesh
  • Deseed and puree the flesh
  • Stir in low-fat quark or plain yoghurt as you prefer
  • Pour the mass into small molds
  • Place the molds upright in the freezer

Other melon varieties

You can also offer your dog other types of melon, such as honeydew melon or cantaloupe melon, as a snack. The following should be observed when feeding:

  • ripe fruits
  • without seeds and skin
  • Test compatibility first
  • feed small amounts
  • Cantaloupes contain more sugar than watermelon

Tip: Due to the high sugar content, it is better to use watermelons as a refreshing snack for your dog.

frequently asked Questions

Can watermelons contain dangerous germs?

Due to their high water content, melons are susceptible to bacteria that can cause salmonella or listeria in humans. However, the probability that your dog will become infected with it is significantly lower than with humans.

When Should You Not Feed Your Dog Watermelon?

In the case of puppies and dogs with poor health, you should refrain from feeding them and use another refreshing snack. If your four-legged friend is not given raw meat for safety reasons, you should also omit melons. Caution should also be exercised in dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, a food intolerance or allergies.

What refreshment alternatives are there to watermelon?

There are many dog ice cream recipes on the internet. There is something for every taste. When feeding ice cream, be sure to thaw it before feeding. Also, your four-legged friend should not swallow the dog ice cream whole, but should lick it off slowly.

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