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Hard to imagine at first glance, but there are numerous raspberry varieties. They not only vary in taste, but are primarily divided into summer raspberries and autumn raspberries. There are also differences in the color of individual species: the red raspberries are the most well-known, followed by yellow raspberries. Also among them there are old varieties with a wonderful taste. There is also a third category of black raspberries.

Red raspberries of old varieties

The raspberry Schönemann

This red raspberry develops many dark red and tasty fruits in a small space. It convinces with strong shoots and young shoots, which lead to high harvest yields in summer. Among connoisseurs, the Schönemann raspberry is known as one of the summer raspberries and is very popular thanks to its many fruits.

The Raspberry Malting Exploit

One of the species that comes from England and is one of the early to mid-early raspberry varieties. Medium-strong, brown canes with medium-sized fruits grow on the bush. Caution should be exercised in the garden with children, as the rods have a lot of spikes. However, there are no limits to the fruity sweet taste experience of the Raspberry Malting Exploit.

The Raspberry Glen Coe

The name of the Glen Coe refers to its origin: Scotland. It is extremely interesting as a summer raspberry because it develops very beautiful, rounded fruits that are red and purple. This is because this is an ancient cross between red and black raspberries. It grows strong and bushy and should be kept in check with a trellis. A very rare summer raspberry, Glen Coe develops high yields on the thornless shoots.

The "Tulameen" summer raspberries

Species like the "Tulameen" inspire with their aromatic taste. Nothing beats a fresh bowl of fruity, sweet and aromatic raspberries. This variety develops large, bright red fruits with a pleasant scent. It requires good care, because some of the raspberry varieties develop the dreaded gray rot with poor air movement. Therefore, the "Tulameen" should be planted on light, well-drained soil.

Yellow raspberry varieties

The yellow raspberry "Goldmarie"

The yellow raspberry "Goldmarie" is one of the old varieties. Also known as Rubus idaeus, this variety develops a large number of tasty yellow fruits. The harvest begins in midsummer between the end of July and the beginning of August and ends with the first frost days in winter. The advantage of "Goldmarie" is the absence of maggots in the fruit.

With good care it develops very large and sweet berries. The plant, which grows up to 120 cm, does not need growth aids. Their care is also very easy. After harvesting in late autumn or winter, all shoots are cut off just above the ground so that new shoots can form next year.

The "Yellow Antwerp" raspberry

The “Yellow Antwerpener” is probably the best known in terms of her age. Because it can probably be described as the oldest raspberry in Europe. It was known to people before 1800 and has been cultivated ever since. The long harvest period is also impressive.

The first fruits ripen as early as the end of June and produce more fruits by the end of August. Therefore, the "Yellow Antwerpener" belongs equally to summer raspberries and autumn raspberries. Its spicy taste is particularly intense. The easy-care yellow types of raspberries are therefore very popular with allotment gardeners.

The autumn raspberries "Fallgold"

In order to be able to nibble on berries for as long as possible, it makes sense to select suitable types for the upcoming autumn harvest. 'Fallgold' is one of the varieties that produce very sweet and aromatic fruits. As with all raspberries, the plant develops shallow roots, which is why the soil should not be hoed. Mulching is better to displace weeds and reduce water loss. The autumn raspberry "Fallgold" then produces golden yellow berries until frost.

The summer-autumn raspberry "Goldmarie"

The "Goldmarie" is one of the varieties that bear fruit in late summer until frost. It probably owes its name to the high crop yields. Large, sweet fruits with a wonderful aroma and golden yellow color develop on the plants. A special plus point: the summer/autumn raspberry "Goldmarie" is maggot-free. The landrace from Austria is one of the popular types of raspberries.

Old autumn raspberries

The Bois Blanc raspberry is one of the autumn raspberries of French origin. Its origin is Haute-Savoie, which is located in eastern France. Medium-sized, well-seasoned fruits in a beautiful red and very good sweetness develop here. Bois Blanc describes the almost whitish shoots of this autumn raspberry. The fruits grow on annual canes in autumn. If these are not cut, fruit will develop again the following summer.

The black raspberry "Bristol", one of the old varieties

The raspberry "Bristol" is also one of the old raspberry varieties. It originated in North America, where it still grows wild today. The deep black fruits, which are slightly smaller than other summer raspberries, are unusual and very impressive. The wood also develops a fascinating colour.

Almost blue-black, woody rods grow and are therefore very decorative, especially in winter under the white blanket of snow. Harvest is complete in August or September. The bearing rods of the harvest year are cut away. New shoots are retained and attached to trellises. Beautiful raspberries of the "Bristol" variety will grow here next year.

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