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After the long, gray winter, they are eagerly awaited: the little crocuses. When they stick their colorful little heads out of the ground, spring can't be far away. Bees and bumblebees are also happy about the first delicious nectar of the year. And because it's so beautiful, other types of crocus come to visit us in the fall. How long do these two flowering phases last? And what can bring the flowers a time extension?


The flowering period includes three seasons

We can look forward to crocuses in winter, spring and autumn. No other plant delights us so often with its flowers. Only the summer is not their season and so they stay away from it completely. That's not too bad, because the summer is already abundantly stocked with flowering plants. The flowers of the crocuses are all the more evident in the colder months of the year, when the flowers tend to be hostile to them.

The species share the flowering times

The long flowering period is only achieved because the individual crocus species take turns flowering. A distinction is made between three main groups:

  • Small-flowered crocus species
  • Large-flowered crocus species
  • autumn crocuses

Small-flowered species

Late winter is their season. They are eagerly awaited to ring in the season with their flowers. Small-leaved crocus species are among the early bloomers in the garden, whose eagerness to bloom cannot be stopped even by the snow.

  • The main flowering months are February and March
  • Time may vary slightly depending on weather conditions
  • Flowers sprout as soon as the ground thaws
  • Flower spikes can penetrate snow cover

tip: Crocus sprout earlier in a location that is well reached by the sun and warmed up. As a result, the colorful flowering performance can also be admired earlier.

Large-flowered species

Large-flowered crocus is more sensitive to cold than the small-flowered species. It therefore takes a little more time to start flowering. The winter is too icy for him, spring has to come first. The longer and warmer days finally lure out the flower bud.

  • flowering begins in March
  • both in planted beds
  • as well as in lawns and meadows
  • bloom diligently until May

The weather also plays an important role in this species. They do not bloom according to a fixed calendar date, but when the air temperature suits them. Naturally, there can always be slight shifts in the flowering time.
The flowers of this crocus species last longer when the days are cool. Unexpectedly warm air, on the other hand, brings premature wilting a big step closer.

autumn crocuses

The name already reveals the season in which this crocus species shows us its flowers. When other flowers say goodbye to their rest period, they enter the garden stage.

  • bloom from September to November
  • bring color to the dreary garden
Autumn crocus, Crocus speciosus

Interaction of flowering time and location

The flowers of the crocus plants need fresh air and plenty of light. Sunbeams also encourage flowering. Spring crocuses in particular need a sunny spot during flowering. Therefore, place pots planted with crocus bulbs on a bright window sill. When the flowers have faded, they are welcome to leave the space and stand in more shade. This does not stop their further growth.

Combine crocus species

When would you like to see crocus flowers in your garden? If you don't want to do without the bright spots of color in any of the three seasons mentioned above, you have to plant different species. Combine the crocus species as you like, but note the different planting times.

tip: Spring crocuses form more beautiful flowers if the bulbs are planted in the ground in autumn.

Flowering crocuses in rooms

Crocus, as the botanical name goes, also flowers in warm rooms and can therefore also decorate our home in pots. However, for magnificent flowering, it is essential that the crocus bulbs experience a cold period after planting in autumn. So keep the planted pots cool and dark for a while before you put them back on the windowsill.

Blooming crocus in the lawn

So that you can experience the blossoms of the crocuses growing in the lawn with your senses, you have to be patient with the lawn mowing. You can only cut the blades of grass with the lawn mower when their flowering period is over. If you ignore this, you will wait in vain for a colorful carpet of crocus flowers. After all, the lawn mower makes no distinction between grass and crocus buds.

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