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Magnolias captivate with their beautiful flowers. When the flowers appear depends on the magnolia species. Because Magnolia does not necessarily have to bloom in spring.

Flowering time by variety

magnolias, bot. Magnolia are a genus of plants from the magnolia family (Magnoliaceae). The genus includes almost 300 species that are native to America or East Asia. In terms of flowering time, a distinction is made between early and late magnolia varieties. What they all have in common is that they between two and four weeks bloom. The colors of the flowers are usually white, yellow, pink or purple.
You should also keep an eye on the size of the plant if necessary, because there are different types of growth for magnolias, such as:

  • ground cover
  • tree
  • shrub
Tulip Magnolia Magnolia soulangiana

The height varies greatly in magnolia trees and shrubs. It ranges from up to three meters to an impressive height of up to 25 meters.
Regardless of when the magnolia blooms, you should consider when making your choice that a magnolia planted in autumn usually only produces the first flowers in the second year. In some species it can take up to ten years before the first flowers appear. However, once the magnolia tree or shrub has started to bloom, the blossoms will become more and more lush over the years.

Early Varieties

Early magnolia species show their blossom splendor in this country spring. They are considered the classic among magnolias. In the early species, the magnolia blooms before the leaves sprout, which is why the flowers come into their own. Depending on the weather, these species then come off March or April the first flowers appear. The flowering period lasts until April or May. But be careful, late frosts can destroy the flowering splendor overnight. Examples of early flowering magnolia varieties include:

  • Tulip magnolia (Magnolia soulangiana): from April
  • Star magnolia (Magnolia stellata): from March
  • Umbrella magnolia (Magnolia tripetala): from April
  • Kobushi magnolia (Magnolia kobus): from March
  • Purple magnolia (Magnolia liliiflora): from April/May
  • Magnolia loebneri: from April
  • Yulan magnolia (Magnolia denudata): from March

tip: Sometimes, especially in mild weather and with good care, the early flowering magnolia varieties will produce a second bloom in late summer.

late varieties

With late-blooming magnolia varieties, you have to wait a little longer for flowering, but there is less risk of late frost damaging the flower. Late magnolia species unfold their splendor from May or June, which is why they summer magnolias to be named. Examples of late magnolia varieties include:

  • Summer magnolia (Magnolia sieboldii): from June
  • Evergreen magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora): from May/June
  • Cucumber magnolia (Magnolia acuminata): from May/June
  • Large-leaved magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla): from May

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