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With their symbolism and the extensive range of colors, lilies are among the most popular cut and ornamental flowers of all. In addition to the numerous types of lilies, the enthusiastic lily gardener is offered even more varieties of the beautiful flowers, which are not just two-tone or one-color, but multicolored and decorated with attractive patterns. Due to the large selection of colors, it is often difficult to keep track. You can find a list of the most beautiful lily varieties sorted by color in this article.

The variety of colors of lilies

Lilium is one of the plant genera whose flowers are among the most popular and culturally significant species. The genus is mainly native to the northern hemisphere and ranges south to the tip of India in Kerala. The lily species have been cultivated for thousands of years and over the years the number of varieties has also increased, which makes it particularly exciting for you if you are looking for a specific colour. The varieties are divided into the following colors:

  • White
  • yellow
  • orange
  • Red
  • pink
  • violet
Alstroemeria, Alstroemeria

Depending on the variety, the flowers can even be two or more colors and have a variety of decorations such as stripes, dots or differently colored edges. Regardless of whether you choose varieties that are solid or speckled, the large selection makes the plants ideal for a wide variety of garden projects. You can get an overview of the most beautiful varieties here, sorted according to their colour. This allows you to find suitable specimens without much effort. In the Lilium plants below you will not only find varieties, but also pretty species.

tip: Aside from the classic colors, there are even lily varieties that are black. The black beauties include, for example, the 'Black Wizard', whose hue looks like ebony, and the 'Black Charm', known for its intense deep black tone, which represents an intense contrast to the classic white lily plants (bot. Liliaceae).

White Varieties

The white lily varieties are among the classics par excellence. Monochrome, they are presented in different shades of white, which look appealing in the vase, in the garden or on the windowsill. Especially in Christianity, the white lilies are of great importance and are used at weddings and funerals at the same time. Their symbolism primarily includes transience, femininity and love. If you choose the white lily species and varieties, you can choose from the following:

  • 'White Elegance': shines in a pure white shade
  • 'Siberia': matching the name, it is a snow-white lily
  • 'White American': trumpet flowers in white and wonderfully fragrant
  • 'Mister Ed': intense fragrance and pure white
  • 'Starling Star': a creamy white variety with a lovely yellow tint
  • 'Album': a white variety with a greenish tinge and an extremely long flowering period

The 'White Elegance' in particular is popular with many people because, like tulips, it can be planted in large groups and is particularly impressive in midsummer with its blooms.

Madonna Lily, Lilium candidum

tip: In addition to the varieties mentioned above, the Madonna lily (bot. Lilium candidum) is also recommended. This is one of the most beautiful types of white lily, which was not bred in any special variety, but was cultivated in East Asia from around 1,500 BC and was subsequently chosen as a symbol of purity in Christianity.

Yellow varieties of lilies

Yellow lily species and varieties, on the other hand, exude a completely different charm. While they are often combined with Lilium varieties in other colors in the garden, when given as gifts they are considered a sign of vanity. The recipient should then think about himself, because the flowers are argument enough here. Many gardeners rely on yellow varieties as ornamental plants because they look particularly cheerful and are often decorated. The following overview illustrates the yellow variety:

  • 'Citronella': black-spotted yellow variety
  • 'Royal Gold': popular for its lemon yellow hue
  • 'Yellow Country': intense yellow tone
  • 'Fata Morgana': double beautiful flowers
  • 'Gold Twin': golden yellow leaves, reflexed
  • Ko-Oniyuri (bot. L.leichtlinii): Mottled bright yellow
  • Crimean lily (bot. L. monadelphum): attractive, uncomplicated shade of yellow
  • Pyrenean lily (bot. L. pyrenaicum): hanging flowers in an appealing shade of yellow
  • Climbing lily (bot. L. modesta): Unique lily with light yellow flowers pointing downwards

As you can see, there is a wide range of yellow varieties to choose from. Depending on taste, it is mainly the decorated ones that gardeners like to plant.

Orange lilies

If you want something a little more colourful, lilies in orange shades are ideal. Similar to the yellow varieties and species, these are attractively decorated or have different nuances, which you can easily vary in the lily bed or tub. To do this, take a look at the following list:

  • 'Monte Negro': intense orange
  • 'Fire King': popular for its deep orange and recurved petals
  • 'Apeldoorn': attractive mix of orange and red
  • Hanson's Lily (bot. L. hansonii): bright orange, mottled
  • Fire lily (bot. L. bulbiferum): brown spots on bright orange
  • Panther lily (bot. L. pardalinum): orange wild form
  • Henry's lily (bot. L. henryi): robust, long-lived, undemanding and deep orange
Fire lily, Lilium bulbiferum

Do you actually know the meaning of these varieties? If you give away orange lilies, you doubt the recipient's intentions. So be sure to pay attention to whom or for what occasion you want to give the flower as a gift.

tip: Due to its colouring, the 'Apfeldoorn' lily can even be counted among the yellow varieties. The transition is often fluent in this variety.

Pink lily varieties

Lilies have been a symbol of femininity for centuries. What color next to white represents this better than a delicate pink. The meaning of this lily color is even more linked to the woman and therefore the following varieties are good if you want to give a gift to a lady or if you want to integrate a feminine aspect into your border yourself. The choice is not small:

  • 'Trance': beautiful light pink
  • 'Miss Lucy': a delicate mix of pink and white with a twist
  • 'Elegant Lady': large pink flowers with a white edge
  • 'Stargazer': one of the most famous pink varieties
  • Showy Lily (L. speciosum var. rubrum): beautiful pink, spotted
  • L. cernuum: petals curved backwards and colored intense pink
Lily 'Stargazer'

Pink varieties also stand for prosperity, whether you can look forward to it yourself or wish it on a person.

Red Lilies

Of all the colors, red lily varieties are among the most passionate. Just as red roses radiate love and affection, so does the lily. The red flowers are ideal for showing blossomed passion, especially for a marriage proposal or a gift for an anniversary. The following varieties and species can be mentioned here:

  • 'Imperial Crimson': particularly elegant red
  • 'Nobility': crimson
  • 'Cupido': the ruby red is very popular with women
  • 'Sphinx': does not form any stamens
  • 'Grand Paradiso': deep, noble red
  • 'Red Twin': classic flower in intense red
  • Coral lily (bot. L. pumilum): a lily with a coral red flower
  • Tiger lily (bot. L. lancifolium): is probably one of the most well-known types of lilies

Lilies in violet

Purple or purple Lilium strains are among the mysterious. On the one hand there are only a few varieties of this color and on the other hand they are not only given away for private occasions. Purple lilies are flowers that exude dignity and grace, and the color has long belonged to the aristocracy of France and other countries. For this reason, a lily of this color makes a good gift for celebrations of professional or artistic success:

  • 'Black Beauty': sweet scent and painterly violet
  • 'Rodeo': classic purple variety
Lily 'Black Beauty'

tip: If you are looking for a purple lily variety, you will more often come across the term purple instead of violet or purple. The reason for this: Each dealer or even breeder can decide which term he uses for the hue, although in actual color theory there are major differences between purple and violet.


Last but not least, the multicolored lilies are missing. If a lily is multicolored, it is usually a special breed that is particularly decorative and is a small gift or for lily enthusiasts. The varieties are either bicolored or multicolored:

  • 'Barcelona': yellow center and orange-red leaves
  • 'Muscadet': fragrant variety with a lovely pink center and white leaves
  • 'Journeys End': pink leaves, white edge, very popular
  • 'Imperial Silver': white leaves mottled with vermilion
  • 'Orange Triumph': intense orange-red, black dots
  • 'Netty's Pride': a purple variety that seduces with white tips
  • 'Robert Swanson': also purple, but with yellow borders
  • 'Marseille': hue a mixture of pink and lilac
  • 'Pink Perfection': the central stripe in white is striking on the deep pink leaves
Lily 'Pink Perfection'

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