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Fresh cucumbers are an indispensable part of a delicious salad. Many hobby gardeners enjoy the low-calorie fruits in the garden and greenhouse. The selection of varieties seems almost endless. We have put together an overview of the most popular new and old varieties for you in the following article.

cucumber varieties

The cucumber, bot. Cucumis sativus is a species in the cucumber (Cucumis) plant genus of the squash family (Cucurbitaceae). In order to keep track of the almost countless types of cucumbers, the vegetables are divided according to their use or use

  • cucumber or cucumber
  • Gherkins or gherkins

The designation "F1" behind the variety name of the cucumber refers to the so-called F1 hybrid varieties, with the "1" standing for "first generation". The aim of crossing two cucumber varieties is to combine the positive properties of both. This is how hybrids are created, which are then usually more robust and resistant than the original varieties. In addition, they are free of bitter substances. Furthermore, varieties of Cucumis sativus were and are being bred, which consist only of purely female plants. Because these varieties produce fruit even without pollination, they deliver higher yields.

tip: As soon as the first cucumbers are ripe, they should be harvested so that the plant puts its energy into developing more cucumbers.

Cucumbers or cucumbers

The cucumber is the most common type of cucumber that is grown. It has a cylindrical shape and is sold in stores weighing 300 to 400 grams. If it is grown outdoors, it is often found commercially under the name "land cucumber".

Old varieties

Chinese snakes

This cucumber has a very small core and a lot of flesh. The cucumbers grow up to 40 centimeters long. The plants are sown outdoors from the middle. Chinese snakes taste particularly good when eaten raw.


The delicacy is an old and proven variety of cucumber. The fruits grow up to 15 centimeters in size. The plants are preferred in April and the plants can then be transplanted outdoors in mid-May. Delicacy is suitable as a salad or for pickling.


Jurassic is an ancient cucumber variety from Asia. The fruits are up to 40 centimeters long and have the typical cucumber taste of the past, but without the bitter substances. The core of the cucumber is small. It is harvested from July to October.

Lemon cucumber

The lemon cucumber is very popular, especially in the USA. In this country, however, it is still considered a rarity. The fruits are light yellow and round, resembling a lemon. Its taste is delicately mild and slightly sweet. In addition to the field, the plants can also be cultivated in pots or tubs.

Lemon cucumber

New Varieties

Flamingo F1

The hybrid variety is free of bitter substances and extremely resistant to powdery mildew, scabies and leaf spot disease. The female flowers develop fruits with a length between 25 and 30 centimeters. Flamingo F1 can already be grown in pots at the end of February.

Future F1

The Futura F1 is a new variety. It is free of bitter substances and guarantees high yields because it only produces female flowers. Their resistance to diseases is rated as good. The taste of the cucumbers is very delicate.

Iznik F1

This hybrid variety produces cucumbers that are 8 to 12 centimeters in size. Because of its compact growth, it can also be cultivated on a balcony or terrace. Since it only has female flowers, very good yields can be expected.

Obelix F1

The bitter-free Obelix F1 cucumbers grow up to 22 centimeters long. They are medium green in color and have few white spines. The plants are extremely productive and tolerate shorter periods with colder temperatures.

Saladin F1

Saladin F1 is a new cucumber variety that is particularly productive. The fruits are up to 35 centimeters long and grow very quickly. The plants are also resistant to cucumber scab and bacterial leaf smut.

Gherkins or gherkins

Gherkins are mainly grown outdoors and pickled in vinegar after harvest. The cucumber varieties weigh between 80 and 150 grams, so they are significantly lighter and smaller than cucumbers.

Old varieties


The pickling cucumber Eva has robust plants and develops bitter-free fruits. The old and proven variety is also particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation.

Piccolo Di Parigi

This old and proven variety comes from Italy. The cucumbers have a particularly firm flesh, which is why they can also be used in salads. In addition, this variety is very productive.

foothill grapes

Foothill grapes are fast-growing pickling cucumbers that promise high yields. With its aromatic taste, it is ideal for pickling in vinegar.

Cucumber 'Mountain Grape'

New varieties from A - Z

Varieties from B - D

Bidretta F1

This variety is particularly stable in yield because it is resistant to cucumber scabies and the cucumber mosaic virus. The growth height of the plants is about 20 centimeters. The bitter-free cucumbers have a medium green color and are finely grained.

Charlotte F1

This cucumber variety produces bitter-free, seedless fruits. The plants are resistant to cucumber scabies, powdery mildew and also the cucumber mosaic virus. If a grid is put into the ground as a climbing aid, these grape cucumbers will grow up on the help and can therefore be harvested without bending down, which is why this Cucumis sativus variety is very popular.

Connie F1

This hybrid variety is a new generation of the Bimbostar cucumber variety. It is extremely productive and the fruits ripen very early. The plants are also resistant to powdery mildew, cucumber scab and cucumber mosaic virus. The fruits are between six and twelve centimeters long. The core has no seeds.

Diamond F1

This F1 hybrid is resistant to powdery and downy mildew. Since she only develops female flowers, very good yields can be achieved with it. The fruits are dark green and have a smooth skin.

Varieties from E - Z

Excelsior F1

The Excelsior F1 is a new breed that is extremely productive. The cucumbers have small spikes and are very crunchy. Like other F1 hybrids, it also has only female flowers and the fruits are free of bitter substances.

Dragonfly F1

This hybrid strain is suitable for growing in the garden or on a balcony or terrace. The pickling cucumber is also resistant to cucumber scabies and cucumber mosaic virus.

Restina F1

The Restina F1 is very robust and is therefore also suitable for rough situations. In addition, the plants show good resistance to powdery mildew, cucumber scab and the mosaic virus. The preculture is between February and April. From mid-May, the plants can then move to the garden bed.

Tornado F1

The Tornado F1 is very productive and hardy. Since good yields can be achieved even in bad weather conditions, the variety is very popular with hobby gardeners. The plants are sown from mid-May. But they can also be grown in pots. The first harvest occurs after about 80 days.

Zircon F1

The extremely productive Zircon F1 is resistant to powdery mildew and downy mildew. The plants flower purely female and then develop dark green fruits. In addition, the plants are very robust.

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