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Pennisetum will enchant gardeners with its decorative spikes for a long time. In order for the plant to grow lushly, regular pruning measures are required. You can make the cut yourself without much effort.


As with other grasses, timing is an important consideration when cutting. Pennisetum alopecuroides is a frost-hardy plant that does very well without winter protection. In order for it to survive the cold season, the stalks and the flower spikes must not be cut off. They work effectively against cold and damp, which ensures that the organs of endurance do not freeze to death. For this reason, the lamp cleaning grass should never be cut in the fall. No, the ideal time to cut is made up as follows:

  • spring
  • April to May
  • just before new growth

Spring pruning is recommended so that the plant can start the season fresh. The stalks from the previous year reduce the formation of new spikes, which reduces the decorative factor of the plant. Summer does not lend itself to a complete pruning, as flowering begins in August. Summer pruning removes the new shoots from spring and postpones the flowering period significantly. Ideally, prune on a day that isn't rainy or too humid. The cold, on the other hand, is not a problem for the plants. For this reason, you can even make the cut over the ice saints if the budding is still a long time coming.

Tip: You can cut off dead stalks throughout the season to maintain the vitality of the plant. In autumn, do not cut the stalks too far down.


Don't just cut away like that. Pennisetum grass is robust, but a few points should be considered before cutting so that the plant is then doing well. These mainly relate to the tool used to make the cut. Garden shears, which you disinfect and sharpen before use, are particularly important. This reduces the risk of infection. Cleaning is a must, especially if you have previously used the scissors on a diseased growth. Otherwise, it is recommended to wear gloves for the cut. Pennisetum grass stalks are sharp and could cut you.

Cutting lamp cleaning grass: instructions

If the appointment is coming up, you can start editing. A big advantage of the cut is the cut-resistant nature of the sweet grasses. You don't have to carefully carry out the pruning measures to shorten the pennisetum grass. The following guide will help you with the editing:

  • put on gloves
  • grab individual bundles at the top
  • cut back to about 10 cm
  • use straight cuts
  • not tear
  • don't squeeze

Proceed in this manner until the entire plant has been trimmed. The cut is not difficult but can take a long time depending on the size of the specimen. The grass grows very dense, making it difficult to grab larger bundles. After you have pruned the entire plant, you should fertilize it. Suitable for this is either a suitable fertilizer or compost, which you simply work in at the site. The addition of nutrients supports the lamp cleaner grass in sprouting and the formation of new spikes. Dispose of the greenery in the compost.

Notice: If you have decided to keep the plant in the bucket, no special cutting measures are required. At the same time, it is a good idea to repot specimens that are too large so that their growth is not only restricted in the pot.

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