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Basically, the planting of bamboo is possible all year round. However, you should take a close look at the circumstances to determine the right time for planting.

spring planting

This time of year is ideal for planting bamboo because the ornamental grasses are now in full bloom. The new vegetation phase is already in the starting blocks. All bamboo species benefit from the mild and humid weather during spring, when extreme temperature fluctuations are not yet to be expected. This promotes rapid growth and reduces growth disorders caused by dehydration. Your planting calendar looks like this in spring:

Fargesia murielae, umbrella bamboo, Muriel bamboo
  • ideally begins shortly after hibernation
  • Planting possible from March
  • latest time of planting in April

summer planting

Container ware sells out quickly in spring, when most gardeners plant fast-growing bamboo privacy hedges. If you missed this period, you can also plant potted ornamental grasses in early summer. Sufficient water supply is important, because the roots of the young plants do not reach the deeper soil layers in the first year and have a limited ability to absorb water. The young plants must be watered daily and must not dry out, especially during long periods of heat. This is your schedule for the summer:

  • Planting possible between May and June
  • do not expose on hot and dry days
  • Planting on overcast days reduces drought damage
  • Soil is sufficiently moist after rainfall
  • Planting between July and August is not recommended

Tip: If you create a watering rim in the area of the roots, you improve the water supply. The water can then not run off the surface, but seeps to the roots.

autumn planting

As soon as the summer heat is over and the weather becomes wetter and cooler, you can plant bamboo grasses in the garden. They then have enough time until winter to develop a lush root system. When planted in autumn, the sweet grasses benefit from a still warm soil that can be easily dug up and loosened. Sufficient watering is also useful during this time of year. However, the soil stays moist longer than in summer because evaporation is reduced. These are the cornerstones of autumn planting:

  • second best planting time begins in September
  • in mild weather possible until the end of November
  • postpone the time when winter starts early

winter planting

This planting time is the exception. If possible, you should avoid planting during the cold season, since bamboo species do not take root in wet and cold soil. If you have taken good winter protection measures, the ornamental grass will survive with a bit of luck. This is what characterizes winter planting:

  • Period between the end of November and the end of February
  • Planting only possible in mild and frost-free weather
  • Wine-growing regions are not a problem

Tip: If you missed planting time in the fall, put your bamboo plants in a bucket temporarily. This hibernates in a cool and dark room until spring.

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