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Grease stains on stone are a big problem as it can soak into the pores and is difficult to remove afterwards. Here we present suitable methods and home remedies.

In a nutshell

  • Grease stains should be removed from natural stone as soon as possible
  • Do not use acidic or aggressive cleaning agents to avoid damaging stones
  • Even soiling that has set in can be removed with suitable home remedies

First aid: 3 methods

Greasy dirt on the stone terrace has to be treated in different ways. These can be divided into two categories:

  • resulting stains
  • stains that have already been applied

Various first aid measures are available for the dirt that is just starting to form, so that it cannot get stuck in the stones. That is exactly the problem with terrace stones. Since these are natural stones in most cases, the pores are not closed. Fats, which are produced when barbecuing, for example, penetrate through the pores into the stones and cause dirt that is not washed out by the rain. To prevent this, you should use a first-aid method that will be presented to you in the following sections.

Notice: It is essential that you refrain from using acidic or other aggressive cleaning agents to remove greasy dirt. Natural stone is extremely sensitive to these and even brief contact can permanently damage them.

paper and towels

Various types of paper and cloths are great for soaking up grease when done immediately after contact with the rocks. You must not give the fats a chance to work their magic for this method to work. The following means are suitable for this purpose:

  • kitchen towels
  • toilet paper (multiple layers)
  • handkerchiefs
  • towels (absorbent)

No matter what type of material you choose, it is always applied in the same way. Take one of the cloths and place it directly on the stain. Do not rub, press or rub. Only a gentle dabbing is allowed, because otherwise you drive the fats even more into the pores, which worsens the whole situation.

litter material

If you don't have an absorbent cloth or toilet paper available or the effect is not satisfactory, you should use a scatter material. Dry scattering material has exactly the same effect as the cloths, but it works much better with some stones due to their shape. You can use:

  • fine sand (type does not matter)
  • Bedding for small animals
  • sawdust

The individual elements of the spreading material should not be too large. For this reason, sawdust falls out because the efficiency is too low. Choose one of the listed remedies and sprinkle it on the still wet stain. After a short time, the material is carefully removed and, if necessary, fresh grit is used again. Repeat these steps until the fat has been removed as much as possible.

Remove solid fat

If it is grease that does not appear as a film but rather firmly on the stone, you should immediately grab a spatula, spoon or knife. For example, if you drop a piece of butter on the stone floor of the terrace, carefully pick it up with the tool. If you were to use a kitchen towel instead of these, you could push the solid piece of fat into the stones, making the mess worse.

Remove grease stains: 5 home remedies

If the dirt has been able to take effect for a longer period of time, you must use other means. In this case it is necessary to extract the grease from the stone and dispose of it completely. Depending on the depth, there are other means that you can use. These make use of the weaknesses of the fats, making them much easier to remove from the stones. In the following sections you will find 5 suitable remedies against greasy dirt.

Tip: Another home remedy for removing grease stains on natural stones are classic solvents such as rubbing alcohol in moderate amounts. Before use, test the solvents on an inconspicuous area or on a loose stone that you can easily replace.

dirt eraser

A classic household remedy that can also be used for grease stains is the dirt eraser. With a dirt eraser, light grease stains that have not penetrated too deeply can be easily removed within a few moments. Simply apply to a stain and rub off the grease.

window cleaner

A window cleaner is one of the best ways to get rid of greasy stains on the patio. When using, use a product with a neutral pH value to avoid damage. Proceed as follows:

  • Spray onto stain
  • work in with a brush
  • wipe with a damp cloth
  • repeat if necessary

While this procedure may take a while, it removes grease completely without damaging the stone.

Detergent for delicates

Mild detergent works great to remove greasy stains from stones. Fortunately, the method works even with stubborn grease stains. Once you've decided on a heavy-duty detergent, follow these instructions:

  • Apply dry detergent to the stain
  • work in well with a brush
  • boil water
  • pour onto the detergent
  • use the brush to work in the mixture again
  • leave on for a few minutes
  • dab with a cloth
  • then pour boiled water on the spot again
  • dab completely

Now the stains on your terrace should be completely gone. You can use a little more force when brushing.

soft soap

If you have soft soap in the house, you can use it in the same way as the detergent. To do this, simply put some of the soap on the stain and work it in while damp. Finally, dab off and follow with clear water.


Last but not least, you can try heat. Any exposure to heat liquefies the fats, making them much easier to remove. As a device for this method are suitable:

  • hairdryer
  • Iron (do not use steam)
  • radiant heater
  • warm air blower

Gently heat the stain. Over time, wipes can be used to determine whether all grease has been removed. To do this, dab the stain with a cloth to determine the amount of grease. At the end you can give the stones the finishing touch with a cleaner.

Tip: If you want to increase the heat effect, you can put blotting paper on the stones beforehand. As soon as the fat is heated, the blotting paper absorbs it and in this way removes it directly from the terrace.

frequently asked Questions

How can grease stains on the terrace be prevented in the long term?

If you are regularly on the terrace and handle fat, for example when grilling, you should definitely think about a coating or impregnation. Open-pored stones are sealed by these methods, making them significantly more resistant to grease stains. Although this step is not a home remedy, the terrace no longer has to be protected from dirt afterwards. The extra effort can be worth it.

Can the stains be sanded off?

Yes, this method is particularly useful for old stones or terraces that have not been refurbished for a period of ten years. The problem: stones should never be cut without professional knowledge, as the structure is heavily stressed. Incorrect execution can lead to irreparable damage, which is not recommended for stones, as they are difficult to repair. A renewal of the damaged stones is necessary.

What equipment should never be used to clean the stone patio?

Avoid using a sandblaster. The reason for this is the blasting agent used, as this can remove material from the stone. This not only removes parts of the stain, but negatively affects the height or shape of the stones or slabs. A typical side effect when using a sandblasting device on stones is the matted surface. This can no longer be removed and requires the replacement of the damaged section.

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