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Although bed bugs are not harmful to health, they can become a serious and, above all, unpleasant problem if they are not successfully eliminated. You can read here how it works.

In a nutshell

  • Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye
  • Traces of faeces, typical smell, stings/bites on the skin indicate infestation
  • different methods must be combined to get rid of them
  • if the infestation is larger, a pest controller should be called in
  • Prevention is important, especially on vacation

What helps against a bed bug infestation


While bed bugs prefer heat to cold, they will die or simply dry out if the heat is too high. This means it's fairly easy to remove the bloodsuckers from clothing and other washable fabrics. Everything that can be washed at 60 degrees is bed bug-free after washing. It is even better if the laundry is also dried in the dryer. If there is a sauna in the household, all items that cannot be washed but are heat-resistant can be stored there for a few hours at around 50 degrees.

Notice: These insects prefer natural materials such as wood. Smooth plastics or metals are less popular as location.


Bed bugs stop reproducing below a certain temperature, and if it gets even colder, they stop eating. At sub-zero temperatures, both the adult animals and the eggs die. Anything that cannot be washed can go in the freezer. In very cold winters, the items in question can also be stored outdoors for some time. Whether the freezing was successful can be tested on some of the insects. They are thawed in a tightly sealed plastic bag. If they are still alive, they need to be frozen longer.

vacuum cleaning

Vacuuming does not kill the insects. Nevertheless, it is helpful to thoroughly vacuum out cracks and crevices that are difficult to access. Vacuuming surfaces such as floors or mattresses also significantly decimates a very large infestation. They suck in the bugs and if you dispose of the vacuum bag sealed in a plastic bag, they can't come back either. Vacuuming makes sense when the rubbish is going to be picked up soon anyway and the vacuum cleaner bag disappears straight into the rubbish bin.

Notice: Bagless vacuum cleaners are only suitable if you can really clean them thoroughly. Or the dust bin will be frozen for some time.

sticky traps

If the bed consists of a metal frame, it is less likely to provide a home for bed bugs. It is best to replace your mattress and search the slatted frame thoroughly. Once you are sure that the bed is free of bugs, sticky traps around the bed or at the feet of the bed can prevent the bugs from returning to the bed. Normal double-sided adhesive tape with high adhesive strength is already suitable for this. The bugs stick, so you can easily dispose of them.

bean leaves

Natural methods of getting rid of bed bugs include bean leaves. At first glance it seems impossible to successfully get rid of the little animals with it. But under the microscope it could be determined that the bugs get caught on the fine hairs of the bean leaves and can no longer free themselves.
In the evening before going to bed, scatter the bean leaves tightly around the bed. In the morning they are then collected together with the bugs and burned.


This active ingredient is also natural, but due to its subtlety it poses a risk to the respiratory tract, which is particularly true for people with allergies. You should wear dust protection when using it. The mode of action is based on the fact that the fine mineral dries out the bugs and thus kills them. It is particularly helpful in hard-to-reach places such as small cracks or crevices where you should sprinkle it.

Experiments with insecticides

There are also various chemical or natural ce against bed bugs to buy in the appropriate specialist shops. However, the use by laypeople involves some dangers, even if the package instructions are followed. In any case, you must air the room thoroughly after the treatment.

bring in an expert

A major bed bug problem is difficult to deal with on your own. While a pest repeller doesn't come cheap, it knows exactly what to do to clean up the infestation and destroy all insects.
In most cases, several treatments at a certain distance are necessary to get rid of all the animals. The insecticides used are usually harmless, but pets and children must be kept away from the treated premises.

prevent infestation

Bed bugs must always be brought in from outside. In contrast to flies, spiders or mosquitoes, they do not actively search for food over long distances. The most common way to bring these animals is the holiday luggage. Therefore the following applies on holiday:

  • Check rooms for bed bug infestations
  • ask for a new room if the stitches or clues are unclear
  • Store and store luggage in a raised position
  • Check laundry and luggage before departure
  • Store suitcases and the like outdoors after returning home
  • Wash laundry thoroughly
  • store other items in the freezer

frequently asked Questions

Does a bed bug infestation go away on its own?

Usually not. However, in exceptional cases, if it is just a single bug, it might be possible if it is found. Otherwise, it can be assumed that the insects will multiply until they are stopped.

Should one still sleep in the infested bedroom?

Definitely. This is the only way to limit the infestation to the bedroom. If the bedbugs are deprived of their food, they start wandering around the house.

Can humans or animals transmit the bloodsuckers?

Basically, these insects only stay near people or animals to eat. During the day they prefer a dark hiding place. It is very rare that they are transmitted through direct contact.

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