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The Gardena Micro-Drip irrigation system enables economical and precise water supply on the balcony, in the bed or in the entire garden. With our instructions, you can make the Micro-Drip system fit for the winter.

In a nutshell

  • Gardena Micro-Drip is available for potted plants as well as above and below ground for the garden area
  • Drainage valves are absolutely necessary for hoses laid above and below ground
  • Water pipes should be emptied before the first frost
  • The base unit and other accessories must be stored frost-free
  • Blowing out with a compressor is possible, but only necessary in certain cases

Take drainage valves into account when planning

It is worth bearing in mind the cold season when planning the irrigation system. To avoid frost damage, the line should be empty. Draining is easiest if you plan for a slight incline when laying the drip lines. An angle of just 10 degrees is enough to allow the water to flow under the influence of its own weight.

Did you know that Gardena irrigation hoses should be laid at a depth of 10 to 20 centimetres?
So that the line is automatically emptied after each irrigation, drainage valves are mandatory for every irrigation system. Gardena offers valves as a T-piece and as an end piece.

Install valves correctly

The installation is carried out according to the patented system without tools. An intermediate piece must be fitted for each line and an end piece must be fitted at the end of the hose. Please note that the end pieces must always be attached to the lowest point of the respective line.
The job of these valves is to remove the excess water from the drip lines after each watering. The drainage valves open when the water pressure drops, and the remaining water gets into the surrounding soil. Embed the valves in gravel for optimal drainage.

Tip: If your irrigation system is laid on a slope, then drainage valves must be installed every 2 meters.

Drain system, remove accessories

Before the first frost, you must completely drain the Gardena Micro-Drip irrigation system. To do this, the system must be disconnected from the water line and all shut-off valves must be opened. If the system is installed correctly, the water will drain off completely after a while. The shut-off valves remain open over winter.
The base unit, the spray nozzles and the control electronics - if present - are not frost-proof. After the end of the gardening season, dismantle the accessories and store them in a frost-free and dry place.

Notice: The open pipe ends of the water line and the open ends of the basic device must be closed with special plugs. Otherwise there is a risk that an ant colony will make itself at home there or that other insects will move in.

Winterize Gardena Micro-Drip for potted plants

Such irrigation systems are compact and therefore easy to handle. Before the start of the cold season, you have to disconnect the system from the water line, dismantle the base unit and empty the connecting pipes manually by changing the angle of inclination. The open end of the line must be closed with a plug. Store the hose in a dry, frost-free place in a shed or basement.

Instructions for blowing out the irrigation system

If the pipes and hoses lie without a recognizable angle of inclination, water may still remain in the pipe despite the presence of drainage valves. Blow it out with a compressor to ensure that the line is free of water.
How to proceed:

  1. Disconnect the system from the water line
  2. Remove the base unit
  3. Dismantle the sprinklers, drippers and other nozzles
  4. Open the shut-off valves
  5. Connect the compressor to the irrigation system using a compressed air connection
  6. Set the air pressure to a maximum of 3.5 bar or less
  7. Turn on the compressor
  8. Leave the compressor switched on until no more water comes out of the line

Tip: Even when blowing out with minimal pressure there is a risk of injury. Stay clear of pipes and all exit points as much as possible. Wear safety goggles.

frequently asked Questions

When should the irrigation system be winterized?

Depending on your region, the Gardena micro-drip system will make you winter-proof before the first frost. A day or two of light frost is no problem. If the frost lasts longer, the pipes and hoses can burst.

Are the systems laid above ground to be dismantled?

If it is a compact system, for example for a vegetable or flower bed, you are welcome to dismantle the irrigation system, empty it and leave it over the winter frost-free.

Are Gardena drip and installation pipes frost-resistant?

Yes, as long as the line is without water, most hoses are frost-proof and UV-resistant. More detailed information can be found in the respective product data sheet.

How should hoses be stored?

If you want to dismantle the irrigation system and store it frost-free, then a hose reel is ideal for this. These accessories for setting up or wall mounting are available from Gardena and other suppliers in different sizes.

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