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If you want to grow strawberries, there are a few basics to keep in mind. Including the right time to plant the strawberries. Our guide shows what is important for the strawberry plant.

In a nutshell

  • Climate and weather play crucial roles
  • Strawberry plant variety
  • The location and type of bed have an influence
  • staggered planting can allow harvest throughout the season
  • Timing determines the yield

Varieties of strawberry plants

There are significant differences in some factors between the different breeds. These include:

  • Number of possible harvests
  • harvest time
  • size of the fruit

The time at which you plant the strawberries can also depend on this.

Unique bearing varieties

The number of possible harvests is a basis for deciding when to plant. One-off varieties are best placed in the bed between July and August. This gives them enough time to grow properly and be prepared for winter. This favors a high yield next year. In addition, with this late planting, the plants do not take up the necessary space for other plants.
If the strawberries are exchanged for new or different varieties, the harvest is then already complete and the yield does not have to be foregone in the following season.

Multiple bearing strawberries

Varieties that bear strawberries several times can also be planted between July and August. Here, however, it depends above all on what type of strawberries or what preparation it is.

  • Frigo plants
  • waiting bed plants
  • early and potted young plants

Frigo plants are plants that are frozen at a temperature of -2 degrees Celsius. This puts them in hibernation. Once thawed and planted, they will form buds and fruit within a short period of time. The first yield is usually very low, but it is already in the bed immediately after planting. This only takes eight to twelve weeks.
Waiting bed plants are stored cool, similar to Frigo strawberries. These are particularly strong young plants that are placed on a so-called waiting bed. Due to the artificial cooling, they can also be planted from spring to late summer. The planting time can be between March and September.
Early and potted young plants are suitable for planting in spring, which also has some advantages.

plants in spring

Variants that are suitable for planting in spring are mostly plants that were grown the previous year and have already overwintered. They can be placed in the bed between March and May. The advantages of this are:

  • easy planning
  • Yield in the first year
  • long time for growth and hardening

Notice: The first harvest is usually small. It is therefore worth making an annual change or planting in a staggered manner row by row.

Strawberries in the raised bed

Planting strawberries in the raised bed is also possible from spring to early autumn. However, due to the special features of the bedding species, the period is longer. By building up the layers correctly in the previous year and by using a protective cover, spring is the right time to plant the strawberries. However, late September to October is still possible, since the raised bed offers a much better protection against frost.
The advantages are therefore:

  • year-round planting possible
  • large amounts of berries
  • faster yields
  • additional protection against pests

Plant new strawberries

In order to keep the yield as evenly high as possible, the plants should be replaced or moved every two to three years. The easiest way to do this is if a row is exchanged every year. This makes it very easy to keep track. It also makes sense to plant different varieties with different harvest times if you want the highest and longest possible yield.

frequently asked Questions

Which basics are important for the strawberry plant?

In addition to the right planting time, the location and the condition of the soil are also crucial. A well-prepared bed and a sunny planting spot can increase yield and extend harvest time.

When can the first harvest be expected?

If the planting takes place in spring or early summer, individual berries can appear after twelve weeks. How much and how quickly the plants bear fruit depends, among other things, on the variety.

Can strawberries be grown indoors?

Yes, a culture in the house is quite possible. Temperature, light and substrate must be selected just as appropriately as the species. Especially in winter it makes sense to use a plant lamp.

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