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Simply roll out a new lawn like a carpet and let your feet sink deep into the dense, soft green. This is the dream of many property owners when it comes to laying out a new lawn. If only it weren't for the high costs! Sure, a convenient solution requires money, but how expensive is turf really? And what else is there to pay for a couple of rolls to turn into an enviable green space?

types of turf

First the question: Which type of turf should it be? Isn't every turf like the other? No, after all, no two lawns are alike. This is due to the different preferences of the owners, the site conditions, but also the stress on the lawn. In order to satisfy all demands, the market offer is broad. You will mostly find turf under the following names:

  • Mediterranean lawn: for Mediterranean-style gardens; tolerates drought
  • Shade Lawn: also thrives in poor light conditions
  • Play lawn: ideal for a family with children; also called utility lawn
  • Sports turf: very robust, withstands heavy use
  • Golf turf: the green meets the highest standards

The types of turf listed are not so much a special type of grass, but rather optimized mixtures of different types of grass seed. The designations may vary with individual providers.

turf prices

It depends on the species

The types of grass listed above differ not only in their composition, but also in quality. This is clearly reflected in the price. Prices start at around 3 euros per square meter for a simple playing field. High-quality rolled turf costs from 5 euros per square meter and the high-priced variant is around 10 euros. This is usually the so-called golf course.

notice: The above prices and all others in this text are calculated including VAT and are only intended as guide values.


Which also influences the price per roll

Not only the type of lawn, but also the quantity determines the price. The usual law of the market applies: for larger order quantities, the unit price drops. Measure the area to be greened so that you can better determine the price with this quantity. For very large areas, it is also worth asking for a better offer.

If the price is multiplied by the number of square meters of the future lawn, a considerable sum is quickly added up. And not only with the expensive types of grass. The providers are very close in terms of their prices, but a comparison can be worthwhile, especially if there is a lot of competition from providers. Perhaps other factors also speak in favor of a particular provider, for example a shorter transport route.

Calculate a small reserve

Due to the weather, rolled turf can contract a little, so that you have a smaller lawn available when laying it than originally supplied by the supplier. You should therefore always reckon with at least 2 m² more space. With larger areas even more. This means that there are no unsightly gaps that you have to close in a second work step, which involves additional expenditure of time and money.
This additional requirement must also be taken into account when determining the costs for the lawn rolls.

total cost

Other cost factors that are “unavoidable”.

Anyone who thinks that the price for the green rolls is the largest or even the only item in the cost calculation is very wrong. A few rolls from the supplier do not make a finished lawn at home. First of all, they have to get to you, whereby simple and cheap parcel shipping is out of the question for this type of goods.
However, the decision for a comfortable rolled turf involves further work, which all requires time and therefore also has its justified price:

  • transport of the rolls
  • Preparation of the ground
  • laying work
  • aftercare
Laying turf in the garden

Transportation and turf laying

For transport there is an additional charge of approx. 1 euro per square metre. A local provider is an advantage here, since a shorter transport time can possibly reduce transport costs.
If you have the turf laid by a specialist company, this is usually the highest item on the bill. The price is the equivalent of around 8 euros per square meter and occasionally more.

tip: A binding cost estimate with a fixed price creates security in the calculation.

Floor preparation and aftercare

Rarely is a plot of land in such an optimal condition that the rolls of grass can be rolled out on it without further improvement measures.

  • usually the soil has to be laboriously loosened
  • the condition of the soil often needs improvement
  • by adding topsoil and humus
  • the surface may need to be leveled
  • after rolling out fertilizer is due regularly

The preparatory work increases the price per square meter of a lawn area by around 5 euros. Fertilizer for aftercare costs a little less than 1 euro per m². However, these costs are not directly related to the turf. They would also occur if you sow your own seeds.

At a glance: turf costs per m²

  • Preparation of the ground: 5 euros
  • Lawn rolls: 3 to 10 euros depending on the type of lawn
  • Transport: from 1 euro
  • Laying: approx. 6 euros
  • Follow-up care: approx. 1 euro
  • Total price depending on the type of lawn: between 16 and 23 euros

example: With a small lawn area of 100 m², the finished lawn costs a total of between 1,600 and 2,300 euros.

When laying a ready-made lawn, the property owner must ten times deeper dig into your wallet than is the case with self-sowing. The lawn is only freshly "harvested" after the order has been placed, corresponds in appearance to the expectations and is kept weed-free. Of course, the finished lawn can also be used more quickly after it has been laid.

Save costs by doing your own work

If you opt for a ready-made lawn, you will inevitably have to spend money on the lawn rolls. All other activities can also be carried out independently. The extent to which this makes sense also depends on your own manual skills.

Rolled up turf should also be installed as soon as possible after delivery, ideally within 36 hours. This work is exhausting, time-consuming and requires more helping hands. Only attempt it if you are sure you can do it. Otherwise the sod rolls spoil or the result falls short of expectations.

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