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Freesias spread an enchanting scent. That could be the main reason why these flowers, originally from Africa, have found their way to us. At first they only came into our home as cut flowers and potted plants. Meanwhile, breeders have given newly created strains some cold hardiness. These can also show their flowers in the garden. But when can we expect the colorful and fragrant works? What influences the heyday in this country in terms of the admirer?

Magical flowers

The green leaves of the freesia, as this flower is called, are simply shaped and a little boring. But her flowers are all the more impressive. Several funnel-shaped flowers are arranged on a stalk about 30 to 40 cm long.
The color palette that this plant uses for its flowers is motley.

  • White
  • Yellow,
  • orange
  • Red
  • pink
  • violet
  • and blue

There are also two- and multicolored freesias, single and double flowers. Most of them have an intense, sweetish scent.


They bloom in summer

The growing season of the Freesia starts in May, when no more frosts are to be expected. It may be a few weeks before the green of the plant develops and the first buds become visible. The first flowers can be expected at the beginning of summer at the earliest.

  • Flowering phase begins in July
  • lasts all summer
  • the last flowers only appear in September

Pot freesias that thrive in warm rooms can bloom as early as spring.

Freesias with budding bloom earlier

In the spring you can buy protruding freesias in stores. The beautiful advertising images awaken the passion to buy in us, but in the end it depends on the subsequent result. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the beginning of the bud is already visible. The blossom is announced with certainty and we won't have to wait much longer.

tip: If you only buy tubers, they will sprout better and flower earlier if left in the dark and at room temperature for a few days before planting.


Optimum conditions for rich flowering

The South African plant only delivers its blossoms when the given living conditions fully suit it. It needs:

  • a sunny and warm location
  • Protection from rain and wind
  • plenty of water in summer
  • regular fertilizer application

flowering stages

Freesias sprout from a strong tuber

Freesias are bulbous plants that go through different stages over the course of a year. Only if this natural cycle can take place undisturbed will the flower appear every year. A distinction is made between three phases:

  • summer flowering phase with wonderful flowers
  • subsequent rest phase to recharge your batteries
  • sleep phase in the cold season

While the natural cycle already exists outdoors due to the climatic conditions, these phases must be specifically supported with non-hardy potted plants.

promote flowering

Encourage flowering for the following year

After the last freesia blossoms have faded in late summer, the rest period begins. In the weeks and months that follow, the plant collects energy through the green leaves, which is then stored in the tuber. This stored energy is required, among other things, for flowering in the following year. You can support the rest phase as follows:

  • Remove faded
  • also yellowed leaves
  • leave all the green on the plant
  • provide a bright place
  • Water the plant regularly

The sleep phase

The rest period is over after about two to three months, but at the latest after a large part of the plant has yellowed. Then it's time for the sleep phase, which requires different conditions. It now has to be stored in a dark and cool place and hardly needs any water. This hibernation phase can also be shortened so that the flowering period of this bulbous plant begins earlier. If it is placed warm and bright again in early winter, it will form the first flowers as early as spring.

Freesias as cut flowers

Flowering time is vase time

The delicate freesia blossoms are a symbol of tenderness and romantic feelings. In the summer months, they are therefore often part of bridal bouquets. But these flowers can also enrich our everyday lives. As cut flowers, they are particularly fresh from your own garden and therefore last a long time in the vase.

  • Cut off the stems with sharp pruning shears
  • when the first bud is almost open
  • put together into pure freesia bouquets
  • can also be combined well with other small-flowered flowers

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