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Whether setting fence posts or drilling a well, augers make gardening easier. If you use it frequently, you can buy a device; if you use it a little, it makes more sense to borrow it.

In a nutshell

  • Augers make earthwork easier
  • they drill holes of different diameters
  • motorized devices are not always easy to handle
  • can be hired from many hardware stores

Rent an earth auger - prices & providers

Before renting, it should be clear what exactly is needed for a device and which accessories are useful. There must be clarity about the diameter of the drill bit and the length of the drill pipe.

Boring heads for mechanical augers

drill head diameter:

  • hand operated between 5 to 30 cm
  • with motor: 30, 70, 90, 100, 120, 150 and 200 mm
  • depending on the manufacturer, there may also be different diameters

Sometimes different drilling heads are included, but mostly they have to be rented separately. The prices depend on the rental period.

price overview

Below we have compiled a table with the current tariffs/conditions for which earth drills are offered for rent. Here you will find market leaders, online providers and regional retailers.

providersEarth Drill (Gasoline)auger (manual)Hints
OBI4 hours: €29.60
1 day: €37.00
1 WE: €55.50 (Fri 12:00 - Mon 12:00)
1 week: €92.50
Deposit: €150.00
4 hours: €5.60
1 day: €7.00
1 WE: €10.50 (Fri 12:00 - Mon 12:00)
1 week: €17.50
Deposit: €30.00 (80 and 100 mm drill hole diameter)
- Return uncleaned possible (25 € cleaning fee)
- all prices plus 10% liability release fee
- if petrol or similar is required: purchase in the market, money back for the rest upon delivery
bright way4 hours: €29.60
1 day: €37.00
1 WE: €55.50 (Fri 12:00 - Mon 12:00)
1 week: €92.50
Deposit: €150.00
Boel's Rental33.50 € / day from 5 rental days (80, 100, 150 mm drill hole diameter)80 mm: €5.70 / day from 5 rental days
100 mm 5.70 € / day from 5 rental days
200 mm: €9.10 / day from 5 rental days
- all prices plus costs for maintenance, fuel, wear and tear, transport, cleaning, accessories, environmental taxes,
- Surcharges for indemnification, fire/theft regulations
- Price information often only on request
- paid phone number
bauhaus4 hours: €25.34
1 day: €38.02
1 WE: €57.51 (Fri 1:00 p.m. - Mon 10:00 a.m.)
from 7 days: savings rate €15.60/day
Deposit: €150.00 (60 to 350 mm drill hole diameter)
4 hours: €2.92
1 day: €4.87
1 WE: €7.80 (Fri 1:00 p.m. - Mon 10:00 a.m.)
from 7 days: savings rate €1.95/day
Deposit: €20.00 (150 mm drill hole diameter)
- Devices are always returned cleaned/emptied/with a full tank of fuel, otherwise the deposit will be retained/invoiced
- Delivery and pick-up possible for a fee
- Return of unused consumables
RENTAS rental equipment1 day: €36.00 to €45.00
1 WE: 126.00 to 157.00 € (20, 30 mm drill hole diameter)
1 day: €4.00 to €10.00
1 WE: €6.00 to €12.80
1 week: 14.00 to 35.00 € (90, 150, 200 mm drill hole diameter)
- Prices vary greatly depending on location
- mainly represented in northern and western Germany
- Security Deposit
erento.com1 day: €29.00 - €54.00
2 days: €58.00 - €112.00
3 days: €108.00 - €168.00
1 WE: 74.00 - 124.00 €
1 week: 126.00 - 192.00 € (various diameters)
1 day: €8.00 - €9.00
2 days: €16.00 - €18.00
3 days: €24.00 - €32.00
1 WE: 18.00 - 22.00 €
1 week: 34.00 - 42.00 € (various diameters)
- Individuals/ small businesses: sometimes cheaper
- no comprehensive offer
- individual deposit and rental conditions
- partly Delivery/collection possible for a surcharge
- Prices vary greatly seasonally and regionally
Tool rental Teltow tools and garden equipment KAUTZ (regional provider Berlin)3 hours: €22.00
1 day: €35.00
Deposit: €100.00
(10cm, 15cm, 25cm diameter available)
1 day: €7.00
Deposit: €50.00
(only 7cm, 15cm diameter available)
- Bill consumables according to consumption
- limited offer
- Rent and security deposit payable in advance
Detlev Offen e.K. - Machine & equipment rental Hamburg (regional provider Hamburg)1 day: €17.50
(15cm, 25cm diameter available)
- uncleaned return possible (25 € cleaning fee)
- Deposit (usually 250 €) in advance, rental payment upon return
- Price calculation (with TP = daily price for up to 24 h): WE short (Sat 8 a.m. - Mon 10 a.m. = TP x 1.5 / WE long (Fri 7 a.m. - Mon 10 a.m.) = TP x 2
Agricultural and garden technology Spindler GmbH (regional provider Munich)1 day: €49.00
(half €34.00)
All prices as of 02/22/2022-2023 12:30 p.m

Notice: It should go without saying that only a clean and undamaged device is returned. Exceeding the time can result in additional costs, as well as damage to the auger.

What is an earth auger?

The auger is a tool used to excavate soil quickly and easily. This creates a hole with the diameter of the respective drill. The drive is either manual or with a motor and works according to the principle of the Archimedean screw. The drill bit loosens the earth and works its way into the ground. The excavated material is conveyed upwards and out of the hole via the spindle. The rest of the soil is taken out of the hole with the drill itself when it is deep enough.

Possible areas of application

Old hand water pump at the well
  • well construction
  • Dig holes for fence posts and foundations
  • Drill drainage holes
  • Dig planting holes for larger plants

Differences between hand drills and motorized drills

The driving power of the hand drill is limited by your own muscle power.

  • Suitable for planting holes and fence post holes
  • light to medium-heavy soils
  • the soil should not contain any large rocks
  • cheap to rent
  • Drill head diameter is limited
  • Drill head often not interchangeable
  • easy handling
  • low maintenance
  • works with leverage

Motorized drills run on either a gasoline engine or an electric motor.

  • suitable for larger and deeper holes
  • even on heavy, stony soils
  • replaceable drill head
  • different diameters available
  • more expensive when renting
  • need maintenance
  • Gasoline and motor oil required or electricity connection
  • Devices with petrol engines are particularly powerful
  • they can also be used more flexibly, but are louder
  • larger devices must be operated by two people
Auger, hand control


Many hardware stores that rent earth drilling equipment provide the necessary safety instructions. In addition, a deposit may be required for the device or ID may need to be presented.

Safety instructions for heavy, motor-driven devices:

  • sturdy shoes
  • protective gloves
  • ear protection
  • Eye protection (advisable on stony ground)

Some of the safety equipment is available in the same hardware store as the device. You can also get the necessary petrol there if it is a petrol engine.

Notice: In principle, the lessor is not liable if the device is not handled properly, used for the wrong area of application or personal protection is neglected.

frequently asked Questions

What should an auger not be used for?

The device is not suitable for use on rocky, concrete or frozen ground. In addition, pay attention to old, possibly hidden foundations or underground lines (e.g. for water or electricity).

What alternatives are there?

Holes for fence posts can also be dug with a regular spade. However, they then become correspondingly larger. For larger earthworks, a mini excavator, which is also available for hire, is sometimes better.

What accessories does an earth auger need?

That depends on the project in question. While a hand-held earth drill without accessories is sufficient for fence construction, an extension or rod holder may be necessary for well construction.

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