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One time you weren't careful and it happened. Orchids have many lovers due to their graceful growth habit. Unfortunately, it is precisely this property that makes the plant very susceptible. What to do if a flowering shoot breaks off? Does it grow back or does the orchid remain flowerless from now on? In this situation, breeders sometimes become really inventive in their desperation. But what really helps to make the flower bloom again? Is there any hope left for the delicate plant? This guide gives valuable tips and tricks to (almost) undo the damage.

Blossom shoot broken off on orchid

The break point is clearly visible and it seems so easy to just stick the broken shoot back in place. Then just fix it with some scotch tape and trust in the power of nature.
Unfortunately it's not that simple. A broken flower shoot on the orchid will not grow together on its own. Wrapping scotch tape around the break point often does even more damage. The air stagnates under the material and causes the plant to rot.

Save flower shoot

Whether the plant recovers or not depends on the function of the broken shoot. If it is a horizontally growing shoot, breaking it off is not a problem. This is an aerial root that has no effect on flowering.
The situation is completely different with the vertically growing shoots. If this has broken off, the gardener must be very lucky that the plant will sprout again at this point.

A broken shoot does not always have to be a disadvantage. If it is not the flowering stems, the flower has to invest less energy in the missing shoot. So it's possible that she's even going through a growth spurt.

notice: The length of the remaining stalk often decides whether the orchid can still be saved. If less than a quarter of the orchid has broken off, the chances are good.

What to do to promote sprouting?

  • If necessary, remove the stem completely from the orchid (if only opened)
  • cut the cut cleanly
  • pot the plant
  • change substrate
  • plant again
  • Briefly immerse the pot in water
  • support the broken stem with another clamp
  • apply some cinnamon to the broken area
  • Cover the plant with plastic wrap
  • place in a warm location
  • monitor development

notice: In order for orchids to recover from injuries, they need very high humidity. Simply spraying with water is not sufficient for this. If the gardener puts a film over the plant, however, he must also ensure that no rot forms. Peat moss, on the other hand, has proven to be effective. The gardener applies a thin layer to the substrate. Peat moss is considered to be very water-storing.

Multiply broken flower shoots?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to root a flower stalk. Even in a vase with water, the flowering shoot will not sprout again. With regular water changes, the flower will remain for some time.
Incidentally, flowering shoots will still form buds in the vase even if they have not yet appeared on the plant.

tip: If you put the broken off orchid flower in a vase, you should grab an opaque specimen and fill it with chamomile tea. Many growers report positive experiences when dipping the stem into the tea.

Use children of the orchid

When a flower stalk of an orchid has broken off, there is still hope of saving the flower. The plant forms so-called Kindel. Although the flower stalk itself does not form new roots, propagation is definitely possible with the help of the kindling. The breeder should always keep an eye on the development. If he recognizes small root strands on the child, he can put it in a separate top. With a bit of luck and conscientious care, a new plant will soon appear.

notice: The propagation of a plant by kindling is easy, but the chances of success are much less favorable than with seed sowing or propagation by cuttings.

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