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There are myths among plant lovers that simply cannot be eradicated. One of these myths is the claim that plants have no place in the bedroom. Or also: orchids in the bedroom are harmful to health. At least as often, however, is the assertion that an orchid in the bedroom is not harmful, but rather healthy. So it's high time to deal with this dubious orchid myth. Incidentally, there is no scientific evidence for either of these claims.

plants in bedrooms

It is a mystery why plants are not cultivated in a bedroom or why they should be harmful just there. In this context, there is often talk of some dangerous substances that are said to be released by the plants and then inhaled by us during sleep. If there were actually indoor plants that emit harmful substances, these are at least as dangerous in the living room. They basically have no place in the apartment. Fortunately, such plants do not exist.

Sure, some secrete poisonous juices or produce toxins in their stems and leaves. If you come into contact with them or even eat them, this can of course lead to considerable problems for humans and animals. But that also applies to the whole apartment and not just to the bedroom. Scientific studies have now established that plants in the bedroom have a positive effect on the room climate because they can clean the air and ensure higher humidity. But that means that they would actually be healthy.

notice: Plants that produce pollen can be problematic for people who are allergic to pollen. In this group of people, due to the constant irritation during the pollen season in bedrooms, they easily lead to considerable sleep disturbances up to and including an asthma attack.

Orchids in the bedroom

The orchid is one of those plants that can make a significant contribution to improving the indoor climate in a bedroom. Specifically, it ensures higher humidity. However, not every type of orchid is suitable for bedrooms. In these it is usually relatively cool. However, this coolness does not at all suit a plant type that is at home in tropical and subtropical regions. However, there are a few species that can also cope very well with cooler temperatures. These include:

  • Cymbidium (Chubby Lip)
  • Cypripedium (lady's slipper)
  • Oncidium (callus orchid)
  • Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)

The latter is a species that is not only extremely robust, but also has no problems with rather low temperatures or temperature fluctuations. However, like all orchid species, it needs a relatively large amount of light. If you want to place an orchid in a cool bedroom, you should do this near the window or directly on the window sill if possible. Incidentally, all orchids are said to have a calming and mood-enhancing effect due to their flowers. Especially just before falling asleep, this can possibly contribute to a better sleep. In this respect they were healthy and not harmful.

tip: An orchid should always be placed in bedrooms in such a way that it is almost impossible to knock over at night in the dark. This could cause serious damage to the plant.

pollen problem

Perhaps the myth that an orchid in the bedroom is harmful to health stems from the fact that the plant produces pollen. As already mentioned, it can very quickly become a torment for people who are allergic to pollen or pollen. The associated irritation of the nasal mucous membranes and the airways are naturally particularly unpleasant at night and are perceived as extremely annoying. For these people, orchids in the bedroom are actually completely unsuitable. You should use other plants. For example, we recommend:

  • Yucca Palm
  • bow hemp
  • A leaf
  • calla
  • other non-flowering plants

It is also important to remember that orchids do not produce pollen all year round. A plant can possibly be transported to another room during the critical time.

carbon dioxide

Yes, plants emit carbon dioxide - including the orchid. However, the amount is so small that there is absolutely no need to worry about choking while sleeping. In any case, winning the lottery is far more likely than dying of asphyxiation from carbon dioxide released by plants. Except for pollen allergy sufferers, an orchid in the bedroom is absolutely harmless.

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