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A fig tree is a special feature in the garden. The first blossom is eagerly awaited. It is disappointing when the fig does not want to bloom. You can read about the reasons for this here.

identify fig blossoms

In contrast to all other fruit trees, the fig tree has a special feature with its flowers that makes them so inconspicuous that they can simply be overlooked on the tree. The bud does not open outwards, but remains closed except for a tiny opening. The fig tree blossoms inwards, so to speak. From the outside, the flower can only be perceived as a kind of enlarged shoot.

site selection and maintenance

Fig trees come from a warm climate and are therefore dependent on a location that is as warm and sunny as possible, even in our latitudes, so that they can bloom and bear fruit. A bucket culture that also protects the fig from frost makes sense. Otherwise, the tree is sensitive to frost when young. An even water supply without waterlogging is essential for flowering, especially for potted plants.

Notice: If a fig does not bloom in the bucket, it can simply be moved. Perhaps a different location will help the tree along.


Like other fruit trees, the fig tree needs an adapted supply of nutrients so that it can grow vigorously and produce tasty fruit. If too much fertilizer is given, the figs will not bloom. The tree then puts its energy into shoot growth and leaf formation. If you have been fertilizing your tree a lot up to now, stop the nutrient supply for the time being. However, it may take until next year for the tree to produce flowers.

horn shavings

selection of the tree

If you brought a wild fig tree back from vacation and expect it to bear fruit in your garden, you will be disappointed. Wild fig trees cannot flower in our climate. If you still want to harvest figs in your own garden, buy a fig that is self-fertile in a garden store.

Notice: In our latitudes, fig trees with male and female flowers cannot produce fruit. A special type of wasp is required for pollination, which we do not have.


Weather conditions can prevent the tree from flowering. This includes:

  • longer rainy periods
  • too much cold
  • but also too much heat

The fig flowers on one-year-old shoots. In very cold winters there is a risk that they will freeze to death, which means they will not flower the following year.

Incorrect or excessive pruning

If the fig is pruned, care must be taken not to cut off too many young shoots. Only overaged wood that the tree can no longer support and damaged or dead branches should be removed.

Notice: Older fig trees that are no longer in bloom can be stimulated to sprout again by pruning them hard. However, it then takes a while until the next fig blossom.

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