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A hammock promises pure relaxation, as long as it is attached in such a way that it cannot come loose after a while and there is a rude and painful awakening.

In a nutshell

  • Always fasten the hammock securely
  • not only the weight of the person is decisive
  • protect tree bark
  • use hammock support without trees
  • choose stable attachment in the house


Hammocks usually have rings or loops on both sides to hang them up. Any rope or hook can be attached to this ring.
Special fastening sets for hammocks consist of two slings or ropes that are often adjustable in length. Sometimes they also contain additional hooks, screws and dowels so that the mat can be attached to the wall, ceiling or beam.

Load capacity

It's not just the strength of the fabric that matters. The tensile load of the rope must also be taken into account. Even a mat designed for 300 kg will only hold 200 kg if the rope can't take any more. The actual load depends on the weight of the person and the angle at which the hammock is hung. The more acute this angle, the worse the weight is distributed and the more tension acts on the individual ropes.

Fix hammocks in the garden

The classic hammock is mostly used in the garden. The existing trees are most suitable for hanging. However, this is not a must. There are other options too. The hammock can be installed between two standing buildings or it can be hung in a special hammock stand. It is also possible to anchor posts or poles in the ground in the garden especially for the hammock.

between trees

Correct choice of trees:

  • not too young
  • not too thin
  • healthy
  • robust
  • appropriate distance from each other

The distance depends on the length of the mat. In the best case, about 1 m is added on each side. The minimum distance is the length of the hammock itself. There is no maximum distance, it depends on the length of the existing fastening material.

How high is the mat hung?

As a rule of thumb, hammocks should be hung about half the height of the attachment points apart, but that doesn't actually work so well at several meters. It makes more sense to orientate yourself on getting in and out of the mat without it hanging all the way to the floor.

protect trees

Rope loops or webbing loops for hammocks are usually wide enough that they do not damage the bark of trees. To do this, however, the rope or the band is looped around the trunk several times, which distributes the load more evenly. Once the ribbon is attached to the tree, all you have to do is connect it to the loops on the mat and it's already hanging in the garden.

Without trees

stakes or posts

If the mat is to represent an everyday image in the garden, stable posts, posts or even steel beams can be concreted into the ground. This suspension is not only robust, but also durable and almost indestructible. However, it also characterizes the image in the garden. Depending on the craftsmanship, the posts can also be used for other things, such as for the children's playground or as a frame for swings.

Notice: The more carefully you work, the longer the construction will last. If the work is not done properly, the posts will tilt in the direction of the load.

hammock mount

There are special mounts or supports for hammocks to attach them to. This method is simple and not very complex. The frame is placed in the garden or on the terrace, wherever there is just enough space. However, such hammock mounts are not exactly cheap.

Hang up in the house

Of course, hammocks can also be used indoors. Fastening is more difficult here, however, because it always requires a certain amount of preparatory work. Hammocks cannot simply be stretched between two pieces of furniture.

ceiling mount

Solid ceiling constructions are suitable if the ceiling is either concrete or joist. In a concrete ceiling, two holes are drilled at the appropriate distance from each other with the drill. Then dowels and screw hooks are attached and the mat can be hung.
If there is only a joist ceiling, however, a robust, load-bearing beam must be selected to which the screw hooks are attached.

Notice: Suspended ceilings are unsuitable, as they cannot bear any weight and the search for the supporting beams underneath is very time-consuming.

wall mount

Hammocks are attached between walls in the same way that they are attached to the ceiling.

  • choose two walls with suitable distance
  • drill holes
  • Attach dowels and screw hooks
  • Attach the loops to the mat

frequently asked Questions

Is every tree suitable?

Coniferous trees are less suitable because of their growth habit, unless they no longer have any branches at the bottom. Otherwise, any tree is suitable whose trunk has already reached a certain size so that it can withstand the load.

Is only one tree enough to fix hammocks?

If there is only one tree in the garden, a post can be driven into the ground at a suitable distance. However, it must be stable and sustainable. It is best concreted in, which involves a certain amount of effort.

Which knots are suitable?

Basically all types of knots that cannot untie themselves. Knots that contract even more tightly under load are particularly suitable.

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