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With the Kärcher 5.55 Jubilee you can use the pressure of the water to make garden furniture, paving stones, terraces and more shine again. Even heavy soiling disappears. What can be the reason if the high-pressure cleaner does not build up any pressure?

In a nutshell

  • High-pressure cleaners remove dirt with a powerful jet of water
  • a disturbed water supply is a possible reason for the lack of pressure build-up
  • Contamination in the sieve or in the tube are a possible source of error
  • the user manual contains tips for help with common problems

Cleaning with water pressure

The Kärcher 5.55 Jubilee shoots water through a nozzle at a pressure of up to 1000 bar onto the object to be cleaned. The nozzle is located on a stable tube. The pressure can thus be regulated by the user using the high-pressure gun. The 5.55 Jubilee model is powered by electric motors. Even stubborn dirt can usually be removed without chemical cleaning agents. To increase the cleaning effect, however, special cleaning agents tailored to the device are available.
Application examples:

  • terraces
  • cars
  • Cycles
  • flagstones
  • fences
  • gutters
  • garden furniture
  • garden tools

The basis for the success of the treatment with the high-pressure cleaner is the pressure of the water. If this is not set up correctly, there can be various reasons.

8 tips for finding the cause

  • Check the water flow. Is the faucet fully open? The Kärcher 5.55 Jubilee can only function with the appropriate pressure if there is an unhindered flow of water.
  • Make sure the Settings on the spray pipe correct are. You can set the pressure you want.
  • Bleed the pressure washer. Remove the jet pipe before venting. Turn on the device. Let it run until the water comes out of the spray gun without bubbles. Switch off the device, reattach the jet pipe and now check the functionality again.
  • Clean the screen. Disconnect the device from the mains. Pull out the strainer with flat-nosed pliers. Remove the dirt under running water.
  • Descale the sieve. Calcification of the sieve can lead to reduced performance. Descale the sieve overnight with ordinary descaler.

Tip: If the water in your region is very calcareous, we recommend that you regularly decalcify the high-pressure cleaner filter. As with other household appliances, this measure contributes to increasing the service life.

  • Check the water supply. Does your water hose correspond to the manufacturer's specifications? Hoses that are too narrow reduce the water pressure and impair the pressure build-up in the device. Therefore, only use the manufacturer's accessories.
  • Examine the filter. It is located directly at the water connection. Clean the filter with compressed air spray. Reinstall the filter and see if the pressure build-up works again.
  • Check the hose. Damage to the hose can affect the function of the Kärcher. Do you see cracks or holes? These can cause errors in the pressure build-up of the high-pressure cleaner. Above all, check the kinks of the hose, which are particularly stressed. If there is damage, you can purchase a replacement hose from a specialist dealer.

Tip: We recommend not to wrap the hose too tightly after use, but also not to wrap it over sharp edges. The material becomes brittle and cracks over time.

If you have followed our tips and can eliminate all sources of error mentioned, have your 5.55 Jubilee high-pressure cleaner checked and repaired by a specialist dealer if problems arise.

frequently asked Questions

What is the cause of the pressure loss after the winter break?

If the high-pressure cleaner 5.55 Jubilee has been in winter quarters for several months and has not been used, dirt may have settled. Storing the Kärcher in a room that is not frost-proof in winter can result in residual water freezing and causing damage. Always empty the water in the device completely before the winter break. Clean the filter and strainer. Store the high-pressure cleaner and all accessories in a frost-free, protected place.

What should be considered when sucking up rainwater?

The 5.55 Jubilee pressure washer can be used to suck water from rain barrels or garden ponds. You will need a suction hose with a non-return valve. You can obtain this as a special accessory from Kärcher authorized dealers. Attach the water filter to the water connection of the Kärcher. Fill the suction hose with water, screw it to the cleaning device and hang it in the water butt. Bleed the device before sucking in the rainwater.

How much water does the Kärcher 5.55 Jubilee need?

The Kärcher 5.55 Jubilee requires a flow rate of 10 liters per minute. If this amount is not secured, insufficient pressure build-up can affect performance.

Does hot water increase the cleaning performance of the Kärcher?

The water entering the Kärcher 5.55 Jubilee must not exceed a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The device itself does not heat the water. Hot water cleaners are used in industry. Cold water cleaners are sufficient for use in the house and garden. Heating water would significantly increase power consumption.

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