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The marten family (Mustelidae) occurs almost all over the world. Most species become active at dusk. But what size and what weight do the carnivorous martens reach?

In a nutshell

  • The marten family includes over 60 species, eight of which are so-called true martens
  • the stone marten is larger than the pine marten
  • Beech martens like to be close to humans, while pine martens prefer the quiet of the forest

Common Species

The Mustelidae include sixty different species that are found all over the world with the exception of Australia or Antarctica. The long body and short limbs are typical of most species. Two species are particularly common in Germany:

  • the pine marten
  • the stone marten

Beech martens like to be close to people and often cause damage to houses or vehicles. In contrast, the pine marten is shy and prefers to stay in the forest.

pine marten

Pine marten size & weight

The pine marten is the smaller animal. The dark fur, which is sometimes reddish, is striking. Typically, the rodents have a yellow-brown spot on their necks. Including the tail, the martens reach a size of 60 to 80 cm. These weigh between 0.8 and 1.8 kilograms. The males of this species are larger and heavier than the females.

Size & weight of the stone marten

The beech marten is the animal friend who likes to hang around around people. Beech martens can get into the attic or destroy a car's wiring. The fur is gray-brown with a white patch that starts at the marten's jaw and extends to the paws. At 65 - 85 cm, the stone marten is slightly larger than the pine marten. In addition, the specimens of this species weigh between 1.1 and 2.3 kilograms. The males are even larger than the females.

stone marten

frequently asked Questions

What do the animals of the Mustelidae family eat?

The rodents feed mainly on meat. Small mammals, eggs and birds are on the menu. In addition, the animals occasionally eat fruit and berries.

Who belongs to the marten family?

The family includes over 60 species. These include weasels, badgers and otters. In general usage, the "real martens" (Martes) usually come under this term. This includes eight different types.

Do animals hibernate?

In autumn, the clever animals prepare for the winter. Since there is less food then, they cannot hunt. Most often, the rodents look for a warm retreat where they can spend their time in winter.

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