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The real aloe, bot. Aloe vera is a low-maintenance plant that develops flowers with good care. However, caution is required with regard to the temperature, because the leaf succulent reacts sensitively to cold.

In a nutshell

  • Aloe vera likes it warm (20 to 25 degrees Celsius)
  • allowed to go outside in summer
  • is not a hardy plant in this country
  • can be wintered cold or warm
  • cold hibernation is said to stimulate flowering


Aloe vera is a leafy succulent and as such likes

  • dryness
  • warmth
  • a feel-good temperature between plus 20 and 25 degrees Celsius

Dry refers to the humidity at the location. For example, dry heating air does not bother you, while the warm bathroom has too much humidity for the medicinal plant.

The plant cannot cope with the cold, which from the point of view of aloe vera already begins when the temperature falls below plus ten degrees Celsius. On the contrary, it makes things difficult for the medicinal plant. Since it is far removed from the properties "hardy" or "frost hardy" in view of this sensitivity to cold, it can only be kept as a houseplant in this country. However, you should give her an outdoor season.

You should always decide when the aloe vera is allowed to go outside in the fresh air, depending on the prevailing temperatures.

outdoor season

If you are thinking of putting the aloe vera outdoors, you should consider the following:

  • regional differences as to when aloe is allowed outdoors
  • in any case only after the ice saints, in many areas in June at the earliest
  • freezes at temperatures below 5 degrees
  • ideal time when constant two-digit values
  • Full sun balcony space possible
  • However, only after a short period of getting used to it (several days) in partial shade
  • End of outdoor season when temperatures move back towards single digits

Tip: If you cannot foresee how the temperatures will develop at the end of August or in September, it is better to bring in the aloe vera too early than too late.


Aloe vera can survive the winter indoors on a

  • warm or
  • cool

spend the winter in a "cold" position, as this promotes flowering in the coming year.

Winter cool

An aloe vera understands “cool” to mean temperatures between plus 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. It can therefore become too cold for her in an unheated room or stairwell. You should also make sure that the thermometer in the winter quarters does not suddenly fall below plus ten degrees Celsius, for example if the automatic heating control fails or you forget to close the window.

A cold hibernation should later have a positive effect on the flowering of aloe vera.

Tip: The temperature in the winter quarters should not be higher than plus 15 degrees Celsius, as the plant then begins to grow and does not keep its hibernation. This, in turn, has a negative effect on flowering in the coming year.

Winter warm

With a warm winter, you can simply put aloe vera in a heated room, such as the living room. If she gets a spot by the window with a lot of sun, you should make sure that she is not exposed to draughts. Because the air flowing in when airing is much too cold for the leaf succulent.

frequently asked Questions

Can aloe vera tolerate colder temperatures in the short term?

If the thermometer drops to five degrees Celsius for one or two nights during the outdoor season, there is a good chance that the plant will survive this "cold" without major damage.

Can I overwinter my real aloe in the conservatory?

The conservatory comes into question when the temperature there is constantly above plus ten degrees Celsius.

Should I bring in the leafy succulent in a cold summer?

Yes, if it is foreseeable that the thermometer will fall below the mark of plus ten degrees Celsius, the plant is better off indoors.

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