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You'd think the author of this question had never tried apple cider vinegar. Of course it tastes sour. In the body, however, the acidic liquid has an alkaline effect. Learn more about the popular health drink.

In a nutshell

  • Apple cider vinegar is high in acidity and tastes sour
  • The minerals contained in vinegar have an alkaline effect on the body
  • regulates the acid-base balance and prevents overacidification of the body
  • traditional medicinal drink
  • very easy to make yourself

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people swear by a glass of apple cider vinegar water in the morning. The drink is obtained from crushed apples. In a fermentation process, with the participation of natural yeasts and bacteria, first alcohol and later vinegar are produced. Diluted with water, apple cider vinegar tastes fresh, pleasantly sour and fruity.

The tasty and healthy apple cider vinegar can also be used in salads or other dishes.

Many people react with surprise to the information that the sour vinegar is not only healthy, but also works against acidification of the body. How can that be?

acid-base balance

More than fifty percent of Germans are acidic. diseases like

  • diabetes
  • rheumatism
  • osteoporosis
  • neurodermatitis

can be increased by over-acidification of the body. If you want to stay healthy, you should pay attention to the acid-base balance and prefer an alkaline diet.

Base and acid formers

A distinction is made between alkaline and acidic foods. The decisive factor for the assessment is not the acidity of the food, but its effect on the body. Alkaline foods activate the formation of bases in the body or supply it with alkaline minerals.

The lemon also contains a lot of acid.

Like lemon, apple cider vinegar is a high-acid food. The fruit acids are quickly broken down in the body. The minerals contained in the vinegar remain

  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • sodium
  • sulfur
  • phosphorus

These valuable minerals have a basic effect, so that apple cider vinegar is classified as a base-forming agent.

Alkaline-forming foods also include, for example:

  • most vegetables,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Herbs,
  • nuts and
  • almonds.

The nutrition of people in highly developed countries is determined by acid-forming foods. Meat, milk and white flour products as well as sweets are among the most important acid generators. They are considered to be the cause of the typical diseases of affluence.

Notice: In addition to the basic minerals, the vinegar drink contains vitamins B and C, beta-carotene and folic acid.

Make your own apple cider vinegar

Today, apple cider vinegar can be found in every supermarket. You can also easily make this healthy drink yourself.

You need these ingredients & utensils to make apple cider vinegar yourself.

That's how it works:


  1. First, sterilize a large preserving jar or clay pot in boiling water.
  2. Add chopped apples and apple peels to fill four-fifths of the bowl.
  3. Add two tablespoons of sugar for every kilogram of apples.
  4. Now fill the container with water so that the apple pieces are completely covered.
  5. Now cover the jar with a linen cloth to protect against insects.
  6. After that, stir the mixture with a clean spoon every two to three days.
  7. Finally, after six weeks, pour the finished vinegar through a fine sieve into sterile bottles.

Notice: The purpose of the sugar is to accelerate fermentation. The process can also be done without adding sugar, but then it takes longer.

The health potion

We recommend diluting two to three tablespoons of vinegar with a glass of water. Drink a glass with breakfast every day and you will feel fresher, more alert and healthier.

Apple cider vinegar is a popular and proven home remedy for indigestion or heartburn.

The sour drink is used for many ailments:

  • Digestion improvement: People who often suffer from constipation can boost digestion with an apple cider vinegar drink in the morning.
  • Heartburn Help: The alkaline effect of vinegar can provide relief from heartburn.
  • Diet support: Many people swear by the supporting effect of apple cider vinegar on diets and detoxification cures. Studies with mice were able to support the reputation of apple cider vinegar as a fat burner.
  • Lowering blood sugar levels: A glass of apple cider vinegar water in the morning regulates blood sugar levels. In this way, people suffering from diabetes can even significantly reduce the rise in blood sugar after high-carbohydrate meals.
  • Lowering Cholesterol Levels: People struggling with high cholesterol may experience improvements with the acidic drink. However, the basis for success remains a healthy diet rich in vital substances.
  • Preventive against cancer: During the fermentation of apples, substances are formed that can inhibit tumor formation. Thus, regular consumption of apple cider vinegar can prevent the development of cancer.

frequently asked Questions

Is clear apple cider vinegar just as healthy as naturally cloudy?

The clear quality is created by filtering. In this way, valuable ingredients are extracted. We recommend vinegar in its naturally cloudy form.

Should you drink apple vinegar with cold or hot water?

Apple cider vinegar water is usually prepared cold. We recommend using warm water for this. In traditional Chinese medicine, enjoying warm meals and drinks is an important prerequisite for a healthy start to the day.

What other types of fruit are suitable for making vinegar?

You can also make vinegar yourself from all types of fruit that are commonly used to make wine. For example, try pear vinegar, plum vinegar or use mixed berries.

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