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If there is a yellow ribbon on a fruit tree, it is a special harvest project. This is carried out, for example, on meadow orchards and has a great advantage for you.

In a nutshell

  • nationwide harvesting project in Lower Saxony
  • yellow band is a clear signal
  • aims to prevent food waste
  • various possibilities of further utilization

Definition: Yellow Band

Among other things, the “yellow ribbon” arose from the “Too good for the bin” project. Every year in Germany alone, more than 12 million tons of good and edible food are wasted. These include fruits such as:

  • apricots
  • apples
  • pears
  • cherries
  • plums

An immense part of the potential harvest therefore rots, especially on larger plants that are no longer or only partially cultivated. There is also a significant amount of wasted food in the case of fruit that does not meet the visual requirements.

However, if there is a yellow band on the fruit tree, this can be prevented. Plants marked in this way are released for harvest. This means you can enter the property and harvest directly yourself. The following applies:

  • permission is not required
  • Harvest amount is up to you
  • Consultation not required

This prevents a valuable and vitamin-rich food source from spoiling.


Even if you don't have a high need for the fruit yourself, you can use a yellow ribbon on the fruit tree. Share it with others or harvest it and pass it on to those who need it. Possible places for this are, for example:

  • station missions
  • The whiteboard
  • homeless shelters

Tip: Your direct neighbors can also be happy about it. So ask every now and then to avoid wasting the surplus.


Did you harvest too much yourself? Then use the possibilities of preservation by preserving the fruit. For example:

  • compote
  • jam
  • dried fruit

Tip: A dehydrator can prove to be extremely useful.

frequently asked Questions

Where is the project taking place?

So far it is only common in Lower Saxony. However, the yellow ribbon project could also gain acceptance in other federal states.

How can I help?

By harvesting and informing other people. In this way you can help raise awareness of the project and support individuals and even entire families.

How does the enlightenment work?

If you own an orchard, you can put up a sign and mark the trees. If you have a garden with fruit trees or vegetable plants, you can already harvest the excess fruit and vegetables and hang them on the fence in bags. Lead by example.

Can a yellow ribbon only be attached to a fruit tree?

No, berry bushes and other plants may also be enclosed.

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