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For us humans, a pool is a welcome way to cool off in summer. For animals, however, the cool water can become a death trap. To prevent this, you should install exit aids for animals at the pool. We will show you here what you need to pay attention to and which exit aids are particularly suitable.

In a nutshell

  • Animals attracted by supposed drinking water
  • no escape possible due to slippery pool walls
  • Selection criteria exit aid: non-slip, non-smooth surface, flat angle
  • Build exit aids yourself or buy them in stores

Why animal exit aids?

Swimming pools are a nice refreshment for us humans in summer. However, the water also attracts animals that also want to cool off on hot days or drink from the pool when there is not enough water. If the animals fall into the water, they cannot get a hold on the smooth pool walls. Although in principle all animals can swim, after a while they lose their strength and subsequently drown. Not only are you putting your dog at risk, you are too

  • cats
  • Frogs & Toads
  • salamander
  • mice
  • Hedgehog
  • insects
  • squirrel

To make it easier for the animals to get out of the pool and thus save their lives, you should definitely attach an exit aid for animals to your pool.

For thirsty hedgehogs, a pool without an exit aid can quickly become dangerous.

Tip: To prevent the animals from approaching your pool in the first place, you should install alternative animal-friendly water sources in the garden. In this way, the animals can get water without any danger even in summer.

criteria for selection

For adults, a ladder in the pool is completely sufficient to help you get out. Animals, on the other hand, often cannot climb the vertical ladder. A climbing aid for animals should therefore rather meet the following criteria:

  • easily walkable
  • non-slip
  • comfortable
  • high quality
  • grippy surface

Once you have found a suitable animal exit aid, you should carefully attach it at a shallow angle to at least one side of the pool. In the case of rectangular or large pools, climbing aids must even be attached to both long sides. Also make sure that the escape route is neither too high nor too low. If it protrudes about 10 cm into the water, it is ideal. Then even small animals like hedgehogs can save themselves on it.

Notice: Remove protruding plastic parts or other sources of injury from the exit aids. Otherwise, the saving help will in turn become the cause of pain.

Simple exit aids for animals

You don't always have to buy exit aids for animals. You can also use items you already have at home. In principle, anything that meets the above criteria can serve as an exit aid. Like that too

  • cords
  • network
  • board
  • stake
  • stick of wood
  • small raft
You can also easily build an exit aid for animals yourself from pallets.

Tip: Feel free to be creative when it comes to the exit aids for animals. How about a self-made wooden staircase as an escape route?

Escape aids for animals in the trade

Although the simple exit aids for animals offer protection, they are often not that practical or attractive to look at in the long run. Fortunately, however, there are now a number of pool exit aids available for purchase. These are often designed for special animal groups and differ in material, price and size. Particularly proven exit aids for animals are the following:

Skamper Ramp

The Skamper Ramp is a special dog ramp for getting the dog in and out of a pool, boat, jetty or pond. It is made entirely of plastic and specially designed for dog kicks.

Paws Aboard Dog Ladder

This is a stair-like dog ramp. It is relatively long at 162 cm and makes it easier for dogs to step on it. Despite the size, the ramp is relatively light. Besides, she is

  • non-slip
  • UV resistant
  • rust protected
  • easy to assemble
  • easy to clean

Steinbach pool built-in stairs PVC comfort 2

These stairs are particularly suitable for people who want to share their pool with their dog. The staircase has 4 steps and a handrail. It is ideal for pools with a depth of 1.20 to 1.35 meters and can be retrofitted.

Astral - stair pool for dogs

This 3-step dog ladder is simply hung on the top rung of the normal pool ladder. It is non-slip and offers good entry and exit for animals. If the water is too deep, however, it can float up and then has to be weighed down.

Liferaft FrogLog

The escape ramp system FrogLog offers an exit aid for smaller animals. It is easy to assemble, very strong and durable. It also takes up very little space in the pool.

frequently asked Questions

What to do if the animal cannot free itself independently despite the exit aid?

If you notice that an animal that has fallen into the pool cannot free itself, you can help it. Smaller animals can be taken out of the pool using a net or landing net, larger ones can be freed using ladders or boards. In the case of very large or dangerous animals, however, it is best to call the fire brigade.

Which exit aid fits my pool best?

That is individual. Before purchasing an exit aid, think about what needs the escape ramp should be designed for. Your personal preference of color and material are also decisive. In the end, the only important thing is that you offer a safe way out for animals.

How else can I protect animals from drowning in my pool?

To prevent the animals from approaching your pool in the first place, you can attach lights with motion sensors to the edge. Many animals are startled by the sudden light and instinctively retreat. You should also always cover unused swimming pools with a pool cover. A fence enclosing the pool can also be used to prevent at least larger animals from falling in.

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