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Roses have been among the most popular plants in gardens, parks and palaces for centuries. The flowers are not only a symbol of love, but are also used in the kitchen, cosmetics and as an ingredient in perfumes and soaps. Rosa prefer a place in the sun, which is not possible in all German or Central European gardens. But you don't have to worry, because there are numerous roses that also thrive in partial shade.

Roses for partial shade

It is well known that roses thrive best in the sun. They produce more buds and don't shoot green, which is a major problem for many strains when they have to endure a shady spot. Unfortunately, not every gardener has an ideal location with more than six hours of sun a day in which the roses can bathe. For this reason, shade-tolerant types and varieties are the solution if the possible location for the rose plants is in the garden, on the balcony, the terrace or in living rooms in partial shade. Two forms of shadow are possible for the plants:

  • light shade
  • penumbra

types of roses

While the plants get between four and five hours of sun a day in partially shaded locations, something different is described with light shade. This means more than four hours of sunshine or more, during which the direct sunlight reaches the plants through treetops, bushes or artificial nets. It's diffuse. Before you get to know 30 suitable types of roses, you should take a look at the types of roses that can withstand partial shade:

  • Apple rose (bot. R. villosa)
  • Burnet rose (bot. R. spinosissima)
  • Vinegar (bot. R. gallica)
  • Field rose (bot. R. arvensis)
  • Cinnamon rose (bot. R. majalis)

All of these are classic wild roses that are used to the unfavorable locations and conditions of Central Europe and can therefore be kept in partially shaded locations without any problems. The vinegar rose and apple rose in particular should be mentioned here, which even have no problem with full shade. This means that you can plant them in your garden without hesitation, as in most cases wild roses are not really suitable for the limited space in pots. If you prefer an ornamental variety, you will find 30 suitable varieties below, sorted by colour. Most of the semi-shade varieties listed below are bedding, shrub, climbing and ground cover roses. Because of this, you can find the ideal strain for every location and taste.

tip: If you grow any of the above species and want to use their rose hips, you should bet on two specific ones. The apple and field roses are ideal for this purpose, as they form the largest number of rose hips, which is particularly suitable for natural gardens with animal visitors who use the fruit as food.

Red roses


A climbing rose in intense red that flowers profusely, is very robust and can even withstand difficult locations. It reaches a final height of up to 2.5 meters and delights with its double flowers.

Black Forest Rose

The 'Black Forrest Rose' is a bed rose that is ideal as a small shrub. The soft red appears in umbels of up to 15 flowers.

cherry girl

The 'Cherry Girl' is one of the healthiest, red ADR roses (Award Recognized German Rose), which is equally well suited to being kept outdoors or in pots in the shade. The flowers are striking because of their cherry-red color and historic shape.


Nostalgic flowering and climbing growth. The 'Florentina' immediately catches the eye and is also one of the ADR roses due to its persistence.

gardener's delight

This variety is also known by the name 'Toscana' and is popular for its abundant flowering, which does not suffer from rainfall and is frost hardy.

Red Meidiland

A groundcover rose with red flowers and a shape reminiscent of classic wild roses. Due to the growth close to the ground, it remains compact.

rose of unity

In 2015, the Rose of Unity was named an ADR variety. It is intended to commemorate German unity. The reason for this is the two different shades of red, which represent a decorative contrast.

summer evening

Another ADR rose that develops extremely long shoots. The flower shape resembles that of wild roses. It is hardy and can even be tied up, giving you numerous creative design options.

pink roses

Bad Birnbach

The 'Bad Birnbach' shines in a light salmon pink, which is immediately noticeable in the garden. It is also a type of ADR.


ADR dwarf rose with densely spaced flowers, the appeal of which lies in the light color and romantic look.

Constance Spry

Named after the botanist of the same name, this variety is the archetype of all English ornamental roses. Introduced in 1961, the flower is reminiscent of classic tea roses and exudes a scent of myrrh. A classic for your garden par excellence.


Delicate, light pink flowers and a smell of apple or pears characterize Jasmina, which has held the status of an ADR rose since 2007.

Rosarium Uetersen

A special breed that ranges in color from deep pink to silvery pink. It comes from the rosarium of the same name in Uetersen and is enchanting even in partial shade.

Venusta pendula

A rambler rose that presents a lovely soft pink color with lots of character. The decorative cup flowers are about six centimeters in diameter.

White roses


Pure white ADR rose for the penumbra, the petals of which harmonize perfectly with the stamens that shine golden yellow.


'Hella' is characterized by a sweet scent and a beautiful flower shape, which is immediately noticeable in the nose. She is very healthy and is constantly climbing.


A variety that is not too vigorous, but presents all the more beautiful flowers. The petals seduce with their shape and pure white color.


Due to its robust nature, the 'Sunrose' can be placed in rock gardens and in dry places. The variety grows as a ground cover for dense carpets of roses.

Yellow Roses

Ghislaine de Feligonde

A historic rose variety with high frost resistance and a pastel yellow hue. It is often used for hedges and as a solitary plant.

gold treasure

The 'Goldschatz' grows gently overhanging and inspires with its high level of health, which means that you will be able to enjoy the plant for a very long time.


Lemon-yellow ADR rose, whose flower cups stand out clearly against the green of the leaves.

Orange roses


An orange strain that is resistant to fungus and is generally quite undemanding.

Bentheim Gold

Healthy, hardy and another ADR semi-shade rose to enhance your garden with.


Rich umbels of flowers and the possibility of planting a rose hedge from this variety makes the 'Lambada' an interesting alternative in orange.

Purple roses

purple rain

Another miniature rose that seduces even from afar with its dense umbels and intense color.

Rose de Resht

The Rose de Resht is one of the most important rose varieties for the extraction of rose oil and, due to its intense fragrance, can be used in the kitchen or for making your own soaps and fragrances.

path of the senses

An intense purple with golden yellow hued stamens are unique and embodied by the 'Path of the Senses'.

Cream colored roses

Garden of Roses

As romantic as the name of this variety of roses is, it also presents itself as attractive. The floribunda forms nostalgic flowers in a lovely shade of cream.

Lions rose

This rose thrives in partial shade and its color is reminiscent of a light cream that comes straight out of a fairy tale.


The last of the bunch has numerous petals and large, ruffled blossoms in a light cream hue.

tip: There are a few varieties of roses that are apricot in color and are great to keep with cream-colored varieties. These include the bed roses 'Schöne vom See' and 'Portoroz', as well as the shrub rose 'Sonnenwelt', which thrive in partial shade and enchant with beautiful flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there multicolored species or varieties that do well in partial shade?

Yes, if you're excited about multicolored roses that won't wither despite being partially shaded, you'll be served too. Two types of roses in particular should be mentioned: the classic bed rose 'Gebrüder Grimm' with orange-red blossoms and the climbing rose 'Bajazzo' with a mixture of pink and orange petals.

How do the rose varieties thrive even better in the shade?

The condition of the soil is particularly important for richly flowering roses in partial shade, as the plants depend on it for flowering and vitality. A pH value of 6 to 7 and deep soil that you loosen well before planting so that it can hold a lot of moisture but does not cause waterlogging are particularly important.

What must be considered when keeping in the bucket?

If you decide to grow some of the rose varieties and species mentioned above, you should choose a deep pot as the plants like to reach deep into the substrate. You should also make sure that you give the rose enough space, especially if you want to place the bucket on the balcony or terrace.

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