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Bees are among the most important insects of all and without the lifestyle of these sensitive animals it would be difficult for humans to produce enough food. Despite their usefulness, they often get lost in the vicinity of human dwellings, in many cases have a disruptive effect or pose a danger to allergy sufferers. Since bees are protected in Germany, they must not be killed. Thanks to suitable home remedies, however, the "beneficials" can be driven away without any problems.


Before you do any home remedies need to use, you can take preventive measures to keep the animals from straying near you. Bees are always looking for food sources and are primarily attracted to sugary foods. For this reason, from spring to autumn you should cover and store foods such as fruit and sweets in such a way that the animals have no way of reaching them. The following tips will also help to avoid attracting the animals by mistake.

move plants

In many cases it helps if your garden or balcony plants are further away from your premises. For example, you could plant plants that animals like to visit a few meters away or rearrange the tubs accordingly. Of course, this is more difficult with plants on the window sill, but changing the position can work wonders, since the bees are only interested in the flowers and not in your apartment.

fly screen

Fly screens are not only effective against mosquitoes, flies or moths, but also against striped pollen collectors. Due to the size of the insects, even simple fly screens are excellent at keeping them out. This method is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, since no bees can get into their own four walls. In addition, they are easy to attach and remove again over the winter.

fly screen

These tips will give you a head start over the animals, which is sufficient in most cases. If you stay in your garden for a long time, these measures are less effective and this is where home remedies come into play.

Tip: If you come across flying insects in your garden or on your premises, be sure to refrain from hitting or blowing on them. Bees of all species are extremely peaceful animals and will only sting when they feel threatened by you, which can be through careless movement and provocation.

home remedies

9 effective home remedies to drive away bees

If you are looking for a solution to drive away the bees, there are eight home remedies you can use to do this. These are completely without chemicals and you already have many of the agents at home, which makes availability and use particularly easy. The agents make use of the insects' sensitive sense of smell, which is triggered by certain aromas and makes the animals shy away. You can take advantage of exactly this reaction with the following home remedies:


Fresh coffee grounds is an effective way to repel bees and can be used easily and in a short amount of time. The strong smell of coffee after brewing is avoided by the insects and they do not dare to go near the powder. Dry coffee powder works just as effectively, although it has to be used in larger quantities.

Proceed with the application as follows:

  • brew coffee in large quantities
  • drain the coffee grounds and put them in a container
  • now spread the fresh coffee grounds in the garden, preferably near the places that the animals should avoid
  • alternatively use dry coffee powder
  • fill this in separate bowls and place them directly in the garden, on the balcony, terrace or window sill
Use coffee grounds to combat

A disadvantage of this method is the need to collect and replace the coffee after a period of time. However, since bees are mainly on the move in spring and early summer, less coffee is usually needed in midsummer. The biggest advantage of this home remedy is the low cost, since even several kilograms of coffee can be purchased very cheaply today. You don't even have to brew it if you choose the dry version, which saves you water.


Due to the essential oils it contains, basil has a natural repellent mechanism for insects. Since the royal herb smells particularly strong for species of the Anthophila group and even the flowers are not tasty for them, they do not dare to go near the plant. You can use this and simply plant basil or place it in pots and tubs on your balcony or windowsill. This gives you protection against the animals and at the same time the possibility of preparing numerous dishes and pestos with the herb. Basil as a home remedy is extremely effective and even drives away wasps, as they don't like the smell either.

Basil, Ocimum basilicum


Vinegar is one of the home remedies that can be used to repel numerous pests and insects. Again, the reason is the intense smell that is typical of vinegar. For this home remedy, all you have to do is soak cotton towels in vinegar and place them in different places in the garden or on the windowsill.

use vinegar


Lemongrass works in the same way as basil. If you plant a few specimens in the garden near your house, they will give off a scent that bees can't stand at all, which is pleasant to humans. As a result, they can be easily and gently expelled without being damaged. As an alternative to the plant, you can simply soak cloths with lemongrass essential oil and lay them out. Because the oil is extremely concentrated, many insects will steer clear of it and leave you alone. You could also fill and place the oil in bowls.



With sugar you go the other way and attract the bees. However, this is advantageous because you can place sweet foods, fruits or sugar far away from your house. The bees then look for these "feeding places", will remember the place and inform other workers. Over time, the animals become more and more focused on these spots and forget about your premises, which is the ideal case. This home remedy can be implemented immediately and works very well as long as you make sure that the feeding stations do not dry up.

sugar crystals


Cloves have a strong odor for bees, which they avoid. Nevertheless, the smell of the cloves is quite weak. For this reason, the cloves with the remaining stalk are stuck into the flesh of half a lemon and placed in the garden. The citric acid intensifies the spicy smell of the cloves and is excellent against striped flying insects. The cooler it is outside, the longer this method can be used as the lemons stay moist longer.


tea tree oil

If you have tea tree oil available, put it in small bowls or soak cotton towels with it. Scatter this back into the garden as bees are also sensitive to the essential oil. You have to distribute a large amount of this for it to work, but you can even use it to drive away other insects.

tea tree oil


Scented candles are another method that works well against the animals, as they will shy away from the aromas and seek another spot to find pollen and food. It is best to choose scented candles based on citronella or citrus fruits and place them in your rooms to drive away the animals.

scented candles


Incense is a good way to keep bees away from your premises. Real incense is of course very good for this, but incense sticks are also recommended. You can even light the incense in the garden to keep the bees away.

All of these home remedies will help drive the animals away gently and without harm. Please do not kill the insects, because wild bees in particular are protected and severe fines of up to 50,000 euros await you if you intentionally injure the animals.

Frankincense Plant, Moth King, Plectranthus coleoides

Tip: Not only cloves help to drive away the honey producers. Spread clove oil in bowls on your property, for example on the windowsill, to keep the animals away.

Insect Spray

Should insect spray be used?

There are numerous wasp sprays on the market for pest control that work just as effectively against honey and wild bees. Above all, products with the active ingredient tetramethrin, which are used against fleas and mites, should be mentioned. However, you should not use a spray, as the animals are not only under protection, but are particularly important for the environment and the natural cycle of many plants. Insect sprays should therefore be avoided completely if you want to drive away the bees and are not an alternative to home remedies.

bug spray

copper coins

Copper coins: do they really work?

Copper coins are suggested by many people in German-speaking countries as a remedy for anthophila. Apparently distributing a few copper coins on a table, the window sill or even the terrace should work against the visit of the animals. The reason for this is said to be the toxicity of the heavy metal, which can affect humans even in large quantities. According to researchers, copper coins do not work to protect or repel bees and wasps. In many cases the coins are completely ignored even if a large amount is stored in one place. Therefore, you can safely do without the use of this home remedy.

copper cash coins

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