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The oak, botanically Quercus, is one of the most popular trees in Germany. In the past, they were sometimes referred to as sacred trees. Although no fruit is produced, the trees can reach an age of up to 1000 years. Numerous creatures can exist in the mighty crown, the oak stands for longevity and strength.

Planting oak as a ritual

Planting an oak tree at least once is part of life for many people. Even children collect an acorn here and there and wish to simply plant it. The tree represents growth and health, so choosing the time when the first child is born is a beautiful ritual.
However, a little preparatory work is required if a new tree is to be grown from oak seeds. The seed counts Acornshed by adult trees. To increase a proud oak tree is the following equipment necessary:

  • earth from a forest
  • a pre-germinated acorn
  • large planter
  • commercial pot
  • Water from the tap, no rainwater
  • lots of patience and perseverance

The Oak Seed

You can get oak seeds from acorns, they are ideal for growing a new tree. On wet autumn days there is a small natural spectacle where you can see the joy of growth of the oaks.
When it rains, the acorns often burst open and small seedlings happily stretch their heads out into the open. It doesn't take any expertise or study botany to grow a proud, vigorous tree. However, you need patience and soil from the forest, otherwise it won't work.


In principle, all acorns are suitable as the origin of the new tree. However, you should make sure that the fruit does not contain any pests such as maggots. The best time to gather acorns is in springwhen the snow has melted.
However, you can also choose an earlier time in winter, because then the acorns have already burst and you can see whether it is a germinating model or not.
Under no circumstances should you go looking in autumn, because then the acorns are still closed and you have no way of knowing whether a seedling will develop.

The right substrate

Of course, if you want to grow a young tree, you need soil. However, a commercially available flower and tree substrate is unsuitable for an oak. On the other hand, soil that you collect directly from the area where the acorn was found is best.

This soil has the best conditions for germinating the young tree. Collect plenty of soil so that you have a little spare soil ready in case of doubt.

The right pot for the Quercus

In order for the seedling to develop further, you do not need a pot at first. Initially, a flat dish is much better suited, ideally a laboratory dish. The area is wide enough and the height is not too pronounced, so that the seedling can sprout in peace.
Alternatively, a flower pot saucer with a sufficient diameter is also suitable.

Propagating the oak step by step

1. Choose a suitable bowl.
2. Fill the tray with soil from the natural environment.
3. Water the soil with a damp mist, preferably with a spray bottle.
4. Place the acorns directly on the ground, do not bury them.
5. Moisten the soil regularly with the spray bottle, avoid waterlogging.

Quercus' first growth phase

On average, it takes a week for the acorns to develop further. They burst open completely and the root becomes recognizable. This now grows horizontally out of the seed and reaches a length of up to one centimetre.
The root bends and droops during the growing season. Now it grows towards the earth and into there. Avoid turning the acorns or covering them with soil. Nature alone is able to ensure progress.

Change from bowl to pot

After the little seedling has developed, it's time to move it to a plant pot. When the first sprout becomes visible, you should wait a few more days. are oaks taproot, they dig their roots very deep into the earth. A plant bowl is not suitable for this.
The plant pot used must therefore have a decent depth, which is also filled with natural soil from the forest. It is also important that the location is sunny.

The way to the tree

A few years will pass before a mature oak tree emerges and you need a lot of patience. After about half a year, you can take the young tree out of the plant pot and set it free. However, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • consider the future size of the tree and do not plant lightly
  • Oak leaves are difficult to rot and cannot be composted
  • Acorns serve as food for squirrels, the little fellows are attracted

At the beginning it is necessary that you protect the fresh sapling from wild animals. A fence with a net is great for protection. The thin trunk also needs support so that it does not snap off in wind and weather.

Exciting information about the oak

  • Beech plant, one of the deciduous trees
  • Average age 100 years, but up to 800 years are possible
  • Oak seeds develop after around 15 years
  • if you grow it yourself, it takes 50 years for a complete tree to grow
  • the oak tree was considered an offering to the gods

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