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Whether mites, bacteria or viruses, bees suffer from a wide variety of diseases. For a treatment that is as promising as possible, an inventory book offers all beekeepers a clear, comprehensible and, above all, easy-to-use tool.

diseases in bees

Bee colonies are repeatedly plagued by diseases. The reason for this lies on the one hand in the organization of the peoples with their countless individuals in close contact with one another. But also introduced pathogens, against which the bees have no effective defense, lead again and again to the death of entire colonies. For example, the following are widespread:

  • varroosis
  • American and European foulbrood
  • Small hive beetle
  • dysentery
  • limebrood
  • nosematosis
  • tracheal mite
  • Further…
small hive beetle
Source: James D. Ellis, University of Florida / © / CC-BY-3.0-US, Aethina tumida 5025046 edited by Plantopedia, CC BY 3.0 US

Since the pathogens can spread at breakneck speed within the closely networked and strongly interacting colony, the survival of a colony and the safeguarding of the honey yield depends on rapid, but at the same time, above all, effective treatment with an effective medicine.

Carry out treatments in a comprehensible manner

You can judge particularly well whether and how well a drug is working if you document all the essential facts about the application in detail. This is the only way you can draw conclusions about changes in the bee colony and possible adjustments to the administration of medication.

The ledger

An effective but above all easy-to-use tool to ensure you exactly this traceability is the so-called stock book. Enter all the information about the measures you have taken in the easy-to-understand template:

  • Information on the type, size and identity of the bee colony
  • location of the people
  • Information on the medication used
  • Time, type and amount of medication
  • waiting time after treatment
  • Name of the person doing the work

Keep your book carefully and completely, it allows both you and everyone else a quick overview of your previous activities.

Tip: At first, the effort may seem unjustified to you, since you are treating your bee colony yourself. However, if you only come to the conclusion that external help is necessary during the course of the disease, your documentation offers a reliable basis for animal species, beekeepers or other people.

PDF template

Behind the following button you will find our PDF of the inventory book for free download. Use them to effectively document the treatment of your bee colony.

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