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Oh my godness! Have you discovered a wasp nest in the roller shutter box and want to remove it? In this case, you must pay attention to a few points that we will explain to you in the article.

In a nutshell

  • Wasp nests may not be removed independently over the useful life due to nature conservation
  • Wasp nests may only be relocated by a specialist with a “reasonable reason”.
  • the destruction of a colony in the roller shutter box does not take place in most cases
  • in winter you may destroy wasp nests without permission
  • Landlords must be informed of the circumstance

First of all: legality

After discovering the nest, do not immediately attempt to fumigate or remove the colony yourself. The reason: Wasps are subject to general nature conservation according to Section 39 Paragraph 1 No. 1 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG). You are protected in the following ways:

  • must not be disturbed willfully
  • must not be caught, injured or killed
  • Resting places may not be damaged or destroyed
  • Breeding sites must not be damaged or destroyed
wasp nest from the inside

This applies to all wasps. Compared to the common (Vespula vulgaris) or German wasp (Vespula germanica), some species such as the hornet (Vespa crabro) are even under special protection. For this very reason, you must not eliminate a wasp nest on your own, regardless of the methods. If you violate these regulations, you will have to pay a fine of between 5,000 and 50,000 euros, depending on the severity of the offense and the federal state. You can only apply for a permit from the responsible nature conservation authority if there is an acute risk to the health of the following groups:

  • allergy sufferers
  • small children
  • Seniors
  • sick people

In this case, an expert will assess the problem and make a decision. While nests in the garden are usually not sufficient for a permit, the situation is different with the roller shutter box. The wasps live in close proximity to humans, which can pose a great danger. However, you are not allowed to do anything against the animals yourself, even if you have received permission. It's not recommended either, as there can be over ten thousand specimens in a nest, which they choose as targets for their sting when the nest is disturbed.

Tip: Do not confuse a wasp colony with a mouse colony if you only hear noises from the roller shutter box but do not see any animals. The noises of rodents and insects are very similar, which makes many people open the roller shutter box, which should be avoided.

Wasp nest discovered: measures

Regardless of whether there is a permit or not, there are suitable methods for every situation. Contact your landlord as soon as possible and tell them about the nest. The landlord must take care of the situation. Above all, this includes the costs of relocating or eliminating the colony, since these are in most cases between 150 and 250 euros. Since you are not allowed to destroy the wasp nest yourself, you only have two measures to get rid of the insects. We will explain these to you in the following sections.

Notice: Never entertain the idea of blocking access to an already established wasp nest. The animals are easily able to create new openings, often reaching indoors, which is by no means ideal.


Relocating a wasp nest is the most common way to get wasps out of your roller shutter box. The destruction occurs much less frequently, since it poses a danger to the building, especially in the roller shutter box. A professional smokes out the wasp nests or burns them. You also scare the animals away if you want to destroy the nest. Since roller shutter boxes point inwards, insects get lost in your four walls, which can be extremely problematic. When relocating, the animals follow the nest and their queen. You can get relocation assistance with permission from the following professionals:

  • beekeeper
  • pest repellent

In rare cases, the nature conservation authority takes care of hiring the specialist. If you are relocating yourself, you do not have to do anything. The professional help ensures that you only have to worry about cleaning the roller shutter box afterwards. Don't miss these. Wasps actually no longer move into nests from the previous year, but a queen can rarely return to the roller shutter box due to the smell and the warmth of your four walls. Wasps are accordingly guided by the smells. Cleaning is therefore essential, as are possible repairs to the insulation material or the seals. The costs of relocation vary depending on the specialist.


If there is no immediate danger to you, your loved ones and pets, all you have to do is wait. A wasp nest is only used by the animals and especially the queen for one season. By October at the latest, the last queens have moved out and workers have died, which makes it possible for the former colony to be destroyed on its own. Yes, you can remove the nest in the roller shutter box between December and May without permission. The recommended period for this project is from December to the end of February, since the wasp species that use human dwellings as nesting sites are not active during this period. Once the time has come, do the following:

  • prepare a large plastic bag
  • Cut the nest just above the plastic bag
  • Thoroughly remove residues with spatula and brush
  • Warning: deceased workers can often still be found in the nest
  • clean wet afterwards

Before destroying it, make sure that it really is a wasp nest. Sometimes bees find themselves in the roller shutter box. The problem: many bee species do not leave the nest over the winter and stay put until spring. At the same time, bees are under nature protection, which would result in a high fine. If you are not sure about the nest, you should definitely get professional help at home, otherwise it can be expensive (a fine of up to 50,000 euros) and painful.

frequently asked Questions

Can the fire brigade be contacted?

As already explained in the text, appropriate professionals take care of the resettlement or removal of the animals. The fire brigade is the first address for many people when it comes to a nest in the roller shutter box. However, the fire brigade is the wrong contact person for this problem. They only take care of this problem in emergencies, especially when it affects institutions such as kindergartens or retirement homes. As a private person, you should not contact the fire brigade.

How can further settlement be prevented?

Wasps rarely revisit the same nest site. If the nest in the roller shutter box was successfully removed in winter, you should block access with a joint fan or a fly screen. Alternatively, access can be bricked up or provided with construction foam. In the new year you can distribute wasp shyness in the entrances or rub them out with vinegar essence. Wasps stay away from the roller shutter box thanks to these methods.

When does nature conservation take effect?

You don't have to worry about a fine if you accidentally kill a wasp out of fright or remove it from your premises via a jar. It might only be noticed if you want to remove the nest yourself, which could ultimately lead to the high fines. Therefore, if you spot a specimen, you can scare it away with no problem, as long as you don't remove an entire nest on your own.

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