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Wasps make an important contribution to the preservation of the ecosystem. Many native wasp species are on the Red List. Nevertheless, they are undesirable in the house and in the roller shutter box. What can you do?

In a nutshell

  • Wasps are useful insects, many species are protected
  • the wasp only stings when it feels threatened
  • there is a particular danger for allergy sufferers and small children
  • Removing a wasp nest from your home on your own is dangerous and prohibited by law

The way of life of the wasp

The real wasps (Vespinae) belong to the family of the wasps. 61 species are known worldwide, including the German wasp, which is native to Central Europe, the common wasp and the hornet.
The female insects can sting. Again and again, the insects find suitable conditions for building their nests on inhabited buildings. They like to settle in the roller shutter box. If you know how insects live, you can take effective measures to prevent wasp nests from building in the roller shutter box.
In the spring, the young queens of colonizing wasp species look for a suitable place to build their nests. When this is found, the queen begins to build the first honeycomb. Dark, sheltered places, such as the box of the unused roller shutter, but also nesting boxes, rotten beams and flower boxes offer excellent opportunities. If there is enough food to be found in the area, the building site is perfect. Wherever people live, the insects will always find enough waste and leftover food.

Prevent nest building in the roller shutter box

  • Thoroughly clean the roller shutter boxes with vinegar every autumn
  • Spray roller shutter boxes with a mixture of 1 part clove or cedar oil and 10 parts alcohol
  • Attach the rubber profile or brush strip to the stop bar of the roller shutter
  • do not remove old wasp nests, they will not be occupied again
  • Do not leave unused crates and boxes in the open air
  • Seal gaps and cracks that allow insects to get into the house
  • Operate the roller shutter box every morning and evening in the spring to prevent settlement
  • close the windows in the evening when the rooms are lit
  • Close compost and rubbish bins securely

Did you know that a single colony of wasps can kill up to 3000 mosquitoes, flies, spiders, moths, caterpillars and other small animals in a single day? Large colonies of wasps catch as many insects as 15 to 20 pairs of titmice at the same time. A colony of hornets eats about 500 grams of insects every day.

Dangerous or not?

Basically, the black and yellow insects do not attack people for no reason. However, as soon as they feel disturbed and suspect an attack, they defend themselves and stab. Unlike bees, wasps are capable of multiple stings. They give off pheromones when they bite. These in turn motivate other members of their race to defend their den. It can happen that people are suddenly attacked by several wasps. A single wasp sting is unpleasant for adults, but not dangerous. For children and especially for people who are allergic to wasp venom, a sting means a real danger.

Source: Lucarelli, Polistes nympha, female, edited by Plantopedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Redirect wasps

Before you consider cleaning up a wasp nest, it's worth trying to divert the animals. Cloths or panels can be used to influence the path of the wasps and prevent the animals from entering windows. In many cases, this is how people get together with the useful insect.

Remove wasp nest

Only under certain conditions is it permitted to have the wasp nest removed. Don't try this yourself, hire a professional pest controller to do it. In consultation with the nature conservation authority, he will clarify whether the nest must be removed or whether relocation is possible.
Wasp nest removal is an option if:

  • the impairment emanating from the insects for humans is very strong
  • a resident of the house is allergic to wasp venom
  • small children live in the household
  • entry into the apartment cannot be prevented

Tip: After the removal, you should clean the box thoroughly and securely close the entry points.

Resettlement of the wasp colony

From spring to August it is still possible for a colony of wasps that builds in an unfavorable place to resettle. Construction is not yet complete at this time. The resettlement should only be done by professionals. For non-professionals, relocating means a great danger and the success of the action is uncertain. Pest controllers or beekeepers suck in the workers of large populations with a suction pipe and fill them into a paper bag together with the carefully cut nest. A quiet place in the forest is suitable for resettlement. It should be at least four kilometers from the site.
By the way, the costs for the professional resettlement of a wasp colony are significantly lower than for chemical control by an exterminator. The benefit for nature is even greater.
frequently asked Questions

Tip: You can obtain information on the possibilities of wasp protection from the nature conservation authority in your district. The unauthorized removal of wasp nests from the house is an administrative offense and can be punished with severe fines. Section 39 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act prohibits the impairment or destruction of habitats for wild animals.

frequently asked Questions

Who covers the costs of removing the nest in a rental property?

In the case of rental apartments, the landlord bears the costs for removing or relocating the wasp nest. Ask your landlord if you can hire a pest controller yourself.

What helps to drive wasps away from the coffee table or barbecue area?

Don't lash out wildly. This increases the aggressiveness of the animals. You feel threatened. Cover all food and drinks. Never drink from bottles that have been left open. Use drinking straws. Set up fragrance lamps with essential oils. Lay out lemon slices. By placing scented geraniums in flower pots, you can prevent unwanted visitors.

Does removing old wasp nests help prevent reintroduction?

No, that's unnecessary. Wasps do not move into their abandoned nests again. It may make sense to keep the old nest. If this means that there is not enough space available, the animals look for another building site for the new building.

How can you drive a stray wasp out of your home?

Try to stay calm. Open windows and doors. The draft drives the animals outside. You can catch the wasp with a jar. Put it over the wasp, slide a piece of paper under the edge and transport the trapped animal outside.

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