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More than 25 different grasshopper species live in our Central European regions. Unlike many insects, the animals from the grasshopper family cannot sting. Grasshoppers will bite if they think they are in an emergency.

In a nutshell

  • Grasshoppers belong to the order of locusts
  • One of the best-known insect species is the common grasshopper (Chorthippus parallelus).
  • The animals do not sting, in dangerous situations the insects of the genus Chorthippus can bite
  • The dangerous-looking spike on the rump has an important reproductive function and is used to dig holes
  • The insects of the grasshopper family mainly feed on a vegetarian diet of various grasses

The genus Chorthippus

What all insects of this grasshopper species have in common is that they do not bite humans. In Central Europe, for example, the following variants are common:

common grasshopper; Source: I, Jörg Hempel, Chorthippus parallelus LC0104, edited by Plantopedia, CC BY-SA 2.0 DE
  • Greater cricket (Arcyptera fusca)
  • Lesser goldhopper (Euthystira brachyptera)
  • Great goldhopper (Chrysochraon dispar)
  • Common Grasshopper (Chorthippus parallelus)
  • Meadow Grasshopper (Chorthippus dorsatus)
  • Heather Grasshopper (Stenobothrus lineatus)
  • Marsh Grasshopper (Chorthippus montanus)

The Chorthippus parallelus is a grasshopper that is one of the most common grasshopper species in Central Europe.

Dangerous appearance

With a size of 1.3 to 2.2 centimetres, the bright green insects are among the largest grasshoppers living on the European continent. At the back end of the grasshopper is a long spike. The locust species is harmless to humans because the sting is only used for reproduction.

Notice: The spike on the grasshopper's abdomen has a different function. As a so-called ovipositor, the grasshopper can dig a hole so that the female lays the eggs in the ground.

Painful bites

Stinging with the sting is not possible. Grasshoppers will bite when they feel threatened and are in an emergency situation. The large mouthparts allow for a bite that can be painful to humans.

Meadow Grasshopper; Source: AnRo0002, 20140705 Chorthippus dorsatus1, edited from Plantopedia, CC0 1.0

Vegetarian diet

People, insects and the like are not in danger. The genus Chorthippus feeds mainly on grasses and prefers a vegetarian diet.

frequently asked Questions

Are the insects dangerous for agriculture?

The grasshopper species does not pose a threat to humans. This includes agriculture. Considerable crop failures are a rarity and hardly known in our region. Farmers use insecticides to combat crop infestation quickly and effectively. Other locusts can cause significant damage to agriculture.

Are the locusts endangered?

Various species of locusts are considered endangered. The warming of the climate is positive for the animals. In the course of global warming, parts of the stocks are recovering. The most well-known insect of the genus Chorthippus is not considered endangered.

Are there poisonous grasshoppers?

The green grasshopper species is not poisonous. This is different for other insects of the order. For example, the foam locust is a poisonous representative. Some types of grasshoppers are considered annoying, but they are not dangerous.

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