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Many homeowners want parking spaces on the property to park their own cars or to make room for guest cars. Cheap solutions make it possible to build a good parking lot at a low price.

In a nutshell

  • in some municipalities the construction of a parking space is mandatory
  • Parking spaces on the property offer the possibility to park the car safely
  • Favorable options for the construction of parking lots are crushed stone, gravel, slabs or paving stones
  • adequate excavation and professional compaction are required to prevent damage from frost

Parking spaces for vehicles

Unpaved parking spaces on grass or the like are less suitable for vehicles. Most cars weigh a lot. The unpaved subsoil cannot withstand the resulting requirements. In order to build a clean parking space, you should prefer a solid surface.

Reasons for parking space

Parking spaces at the house are very popular for various reasons. With a parking space you create a clean surface, so that cars are not constantly dirty. You also prevent the predicted chaos when all visitors park all over the property at the next family celebration. In some cases, the municipality requires the mandatory construction of parking spaces. In addition, a high-quality substrate looks visually appealing.

Diverse pitches

If you decide to park on the property, you are spoiled for choice. The following materials are used to build high-quality parking lots:

  • gravel layer
  • lawn grid panels
  • gravel layer
  • plates
  • concrete pavement

Right of way from gravel layer

A cheap and simple solution is a gravel driveway. To build such a parking lot, compact the soil and sprinkle it with granules of the desired grain size. Placing lawn edging stones on the sides can prevent the pebbles from rolling into the beds or onto the lawn.

Tip: Weeds quickly grow through the pebbles. A fleece under the gravel layer can help to avoid weeds that are unsightly.

Ecological grass grid panels

Grass pavers are the ecologically best option if you want to build a parking lot. Rainfall can easily seep through the lawn grids. From now on, your car parking space is not a sealed area, which is associated with high costs for the disposal of rainwater. On the one hand you get a parking space with a stable surface, on the other hand the parking space is considered to be drainable - a win-win situation.

Gravel pitch

The construction of a parking space from gravel layers is cheap and easy. To build this, you excavate about 80 centimeters deep. Then bring in the gravel and compact it properly. The installation of a slope is not necessary. Gravel layers are permeable to water and allow rainwater to drain away.

lay plates

Paving slabs can also act as a base for a parking lot. When selecting the pavement slabs, you should make sure that they can withstand the requirements of a car. The manufacturers provide information on possible exposure and use. The substructure is also of great importance. With a proper excavation and the installation of the gravel you create a stable subsoil. You can then lay the panels on the chippings. With lawn curbs or a concrete support, you prevent the slabs from slipping and build a durable parking lot.

concrete pavement

The material concrete convinces with a high stability and durability. Concrete paving stones are ideal for building a parking space. In the first step, create a stable subsoil for the paved parking space by digging up earth, installing a layer of gravel and compacting it with a vibrating plate. When paving, start on one side. Secure the outer edges with a concrete back support before the first vehicle enters the parking space.

Notice: Private individuals or building yards often sell old concrete pavers at low cost. This satisfies the needs of a parking lot, allowing you to further reduce construction costs.

alternatives for parking spaces

If you don't just want to protect your favorite car from below, you should look around for alternatives. The optimum is to build a garage that will protect your car from wind and weather. The carport can be an alternative, since at least protection is provided from above. Building a carport to park your car is cheaper than a garage.

Notice: Carports come in many varieties. The more massive the structure, the higher the cost.

frequently asked Questions

Do I need a parking space?

Mostly this depends on your needs. If you don't have a vehicle, you usually don't need a parking space. However, some municipalities require a parking space on their own property to prevent chaotic parking on the streets.

Is a building permit required?

Basically, in Germany, a parking space is considered a building. Depending on the federal state, there is a permit requirement for the building. First you have to check whether the development plan allows the construction of the parking space. The second step is to contact the responsible building authority to check whether a building permit is required.

What is the danger of frost?

Inadequate compaction of the soil when constructing the pitches can pose a risk of frost. In winter, the water in the ground freezes, which as a result expands. The frost lifts the ground and destroys the shape of the parking lot. With an appropriate installation height and compaction, you can prevent such frost damage.

What happens to the excavation?

After the parking lot has been built, the excavated material needs to be removed. Depending on the quantity, you can carry out the removal yourself with a small trailer or order a container for excavated earth.

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