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The advertising promises the unbelievable: bare, brown lawns can be greened in no time at all with the special Hydro Mousse spray lawn - simply by spraying it on. We are investigating whether this actually works.

In a nutshell

  • Lawn for easy spraying
  • for laying out new lawns and improving them
  • Sowing, fertilizing and watering in just one operation
  • Lawn seed is practically glued to the ground and sticks better
  • contains toxic chemicals, therefore only use suitable protective clothing

What is Hydro Mousse?

The process comes from the USA, where it has been used primarily in landscaping for some time, and is also known as hydro-seeding. The principle is quite simple: the lawn seed mixed with water, fertilizer and a carrier is simply sprayed onto the unsightly areas in the lawn that are to be newly greened. According to advertising, the system offers various advantages compared to conventional lawn seeding:

  • one operation instead of many different ones
  • Sowing, fertilizing and watering in one pass
  • Spray the lawn instead of seeding it
  • Greening of even difficult places, e.g. B. on embankments
  • Seeds are bound to soil by adhesives
  • therefore less wastage due to bird damage, rain or wind

In addition, the lawn seeds contained in the spray mixture should grow particularly quickly and form a dense, green carpet within just a few days.

Large-scale hydroseeding; Source: Agusana, Hydrosiew skarpy, edited by Plantopedia, CC BY-SA 4.0


Spray lawn is a spray that mainly contains a chemical carrier and a mixture of lawn seeds. It also contains nutrients that accelerate the growth of the lawn and take care of the young grasses. When purchasing the product you will receive:

  • a spray and seed attachment
  • a click attachment
  • a seed container
  • the carrier (in tablet form)
  • and a mixture of grass seeds

The application is very simple, because the carrier tablet and lawn seeds are placed in the seed container, then the spray attachment is screwed on and the entire system is connected to the garden hose. Now spray the mixture onto the areas to be sown and you can immediately see where it has already been sown: since the sprayed lawn is a bright green colour, the areas that have already been worked can be easily distinguished. Once applied, the carrier and fertilizer penetrate the soil so the nutrients are immediately available. The seeds are practically glued to the ground and cannot be washed away, blown away or picked up by hungry birds. They should germinate within a few days.

Notice: According to the manufacturer, the Hydro Mousse is suitable for both new planting and reseeding of lawns.


Benefit from the experiences that others have already made with the product. We have researched for you.

notice: For reasons of better legibility, small spelling mistakes (spaces, transposed letters, etc.) in the quotations have been corrected. The exact sources are linked under the indication of the respective forum.

I did more research many years ago. The problem is the lack of thorough mixing with this "mouse". Hence the gaps. [… ] I mean, it's almost physically impossible: The seeds are too light to be evenly distributed in a viscous gel AND to be shot out evenly with pressure in this mixing ratio. But I don't think the idea and the principle are bad.

Source:, user: Gartenfreund444, date: 09.03.2018

In order to save later interested parties the bitter disappointment! [… ] The consistency of “Hydro-Mousse” does not correspond at all to the mousse from the advertisement. Green water with green-colored seeds and a wafer-thin head of foam (which evaporated after a few minutes) spread over the soil. On a slight incline, the seed is washed down, and even in the places where the liquid collects, no grass grows. Let alone where you applied Hydro Mousse. Conclusion: Not nearly the consistency of the seed carrier shown in the video. Seeds seem to be out of date, because despite the care given, no lawn grew as advertised in the video. On a slight incline, the seed does not lie there, but is washed away, unlike in the video, where the "mass" stuck to the linen cloth. […]

Source:, user: Sabine, date: 06/16/2017

I bought it and tried it. To put it bluntly, it's a waste of money. The seed doesn't mix well with the water, resulting in only spraying green water. So the technology doesn't work at all. So that not everything was wasted, I then applied the seed manually and applied seeds from the hardware store next to it. After about a week, this one grew great, the green Hydro Mousse seeds still didn't after about two weeks.

Source:, user: lawue, date: 05/06/2015

frequently asked Questions

Is Hydro Mousse toxic?

The green-colored carrier consists of various chemical components, including sulfonic acids and various salts. The sulfonic acids are organic sulfur compounds, and the salts are sodium salts. In addition, alkenoic acids and other surfactants are present. All of these substances are toxic to humans and animals. Applied to the garden soil, they also have no positive effects on the living beings there.

What do you have to consider when spraying on the liquid turf?

Since the spray lawn contains toxic substances, users should wear suitable protective clothing according to the instructions - this includes mouth and nose protection, safety goggles, gloves, sturdy shoes and long clothing - to avoid contact with the respiratory organs, mucous membranes and skin. In addition, accidental spraying on natural stones, wood or other sensitive materials should be avoided. After spraying, the area should not be walked on.

Which seeds are contained in the spray lawn?

The seed mixture consists of about 70 percent perennial ryegrass, which is known for its rapid growth and only takes about seven to ten days to germinate. However, ryegrass is not suitable for commercial lawns because it is quite sensitive. Grass species such as red fescue and meadow meadow grass are better suited for such lawns, but they are too low in the seed mixture at a total of 30 percent.

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