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The olive tree has now won countless terraces and conservatories because of its Mediterranean and at the same time calm and sublime appearance. But what does the blossom on the olive tree actually look like?

In a nutshell

  • Olive trees have tiny little yellowish-white flowers that sit in clusters on the branch
  • the olive blossom is generally inconspicuous and easy to overlook at first glance
  • If olive trees do not bloom here, a poor nutrient supply can be the reason

Recognize blossoms on the olive tree

You may be hoping that your olive tree will actually produce a crop of olives. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the blooms. Regardless of the motive, the following information will help you to identify the flower with certainty.

Notice: Olive blossoms are among the smallest of all blossoms from the Mediterranean region and are therefore comparatively difficult to identify.

The heyday

The timing of flowering in an olive tree depends largely on the environmental conditions:

  • sun exposure
  • warmth

In its southern homeland, the tree can already flower in early spring, but north of the Alps it usually takes until late spring or even early summer before you can see buds and later flowers.

The look

The appearance of the olive blossoms - once they are there - is characteristic and unmistakable:

  • small yellowish-white flowers with an intense dark yellow pistil
  • Grouped in racemes on two to four centimeter long panicles
  • overall rather inconspicuous and disappearing between the intensely dark leaves

Notice: In addition to the optics, the flowers also appear olfactory. When the flowers open, they give off a delicate, sweetish, aromatic fragrance.

Conditions for flowering

In order for olive trees to flower at all, however, a few aspects have to fit:

  • enough sun and heat
  • undisturbed energy and mineral balance
  • Corresponding age, flower development usually only after 4 to 6 years
  • ungrafted trees again significantly later

frequently asked Questions

Why isn't my olive tree blooming despite the right environment?

If you can rule out all other factors as disturbing elements, check the olive variety. In Germany, mainly varieties that come from the northern Mediterranean region bloom. Trees from particularly warm regions, on the other hand, have a hard time with us.

How can the probability of flower development be increased?

Most of the time, olives are kept in planters. It is therefore possible with little effort to move them to a very sunny and warm to hot location. You should also fertilize regularly with universal fertilizer. Since the trees are very frugal, you should be careful not to over-fertilize.

How do olives later develop from the blossoms?

The basic requirement for a fruit yield is pollination. You cannot see with the naked eye whether flowers are pollinated, you can only tell from the development of the fruit. Many olive varieties only produce a significant yield if cross-pollinated by a second tree. Today, however, there are also self-pollinating varieties with high yields for the home garden.

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