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There are always bird nests in the garden. Which birds are involved can be easily determined on the basis of various characteristics. This is how you can recognize blackbird eggs in no time at all.

In a nutshell

  • Blackbird eggs are green with very different markings and characteristics
  • the nests are typically found in hedges, shrubs or other protective shrubs
  • Usually there are 4 to 5 eggs in the clutch, rarely 3 or 6 eggs

identify blackbird eggs

To confidently identify blackbird eggs, you shouldn't rely solely on the eggs themselves. Because some other aspects related to the clutch already offer reliable clues as to whether you are really dealing with Turdus Merula.

the breeding season

Blackbirds breed twice, under favorable conditions even three times a year. The individual broods all fall between March and July. If you come across a clutch outside of these times, there is a high probability that it is not the blackbird.

The Blackbird Nest

Take a close look at the nest you find and include not only the nest building itself but also the location and the environment. Because blackbirds prefer very typical locations for their clutches:

  • in the shelter of trees or dense shrubs and hedges
  • sometimes close to the ground, but in urban areas preferably from around one meter above the ground

The blackbird nest itself has the following characteristics:

  • Average diameter of 16 centimetres
  • rather smaller in branch forks and niches
  • Larger when free on tree stumps and other flat substrates
  • round, partly oval shape
  • Diameter of the inner hollow by 10 centimeters

Notice: When searching for food, blackbirds prefer open areas interrupted by bushes and other trees. However, this feature is difficult to use in the environment of your own garden, since the vast majority of gardens with lawns and beds meet this requirement anyway.

the eggs

Now you finally get to the actual eggs. Blackbird eggs are easily recognized by the following features:

  • Shape mostly oval, partly short oval (nearly round)
  • The color of fresh eggs is basically green, but the exact coloring and markings vary greatly in the form of spots or dots
  • Surface moderately glossy ("satin matt")
  • average size length x width 29.5 x 21.5 mm
  • Average weight just over 7 grams

frequently asked Questions

How many eggs are usually in a blackbird nest?

A typical blackbird clutch is 4 to 5 eggs. Rarely 3 or 6 eggs are laid, whereby observations show that the female blackbird only starts incubating from the third egg in the clutch.

How long do blackbirds breed?

The average incubation period is 14 days. Only the female incubates.

What are typical blackbird nests made of?

A blackbird nest cannot be identified from the material used. Because the animals use the materials found on site. Like countless other bird species, twigs, moss, blades of grass, but also countless other materials are used.

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