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Moles are not always welcome because they spoil the lawn with their mounds of earth. Apart from that, they are useful because they eat harmful insects. They are rarely seen above ground.

In a nutshell

  • Young are born naked and blind
  • Do not remove the baby mole immediately from the place where it was found
  • do not give food before warm-up
  • in case of dehydration administration of fennel tea
  • Notify Animal Rescue

Recognize Baby Mole

Very few people have ever seen a mole (Talpa europaea) because it spends most of its life underground building huge tunnel systems and hunting for food. They are rarely seen above ground. This usually also applies to their offspring, which are born in a special nesting chamber and are raised there by the female alone. The puppies will

  • naked and blind
  • weighing between four and five grams

born. They are suckled by the female every four to six hours for six to eight weeks. It is usually relatively rare for a pup to emerge above the ground outside of the nest box during this time. Unless the underground nest is destroyed. Then what to do if such a small baby mole is found? More on that below.

Molehills in the garden

Notice: Moles are not endangered, but still enjoy special protection under the Federal Species Protection Ordinance. They may not be caught or killed. Only deterrence with repellents (deterrence and expulsion through strong-smelling active ingredients) is permitted.

baby mole found

If a baby mole is found after all, the question quickly arises: "What to do?" The cub should not be removed immediately from the place where it was found, because it is quite possible that the mother will bring the pup back to the underground nest. While waiting, care must be taken that the young is not injured by cats or birds of prey. If the mother does not appear, the baby mole can be taken care of after about two hours.

Cats like to play with the mole - often with a bad ending for them.

The wildlife rescue service should then be notified that a baby mole has been found. The employees can also answer the question "What to do?" and provide instructions for first aid. The boy must not be offered food and water out of a misunderstood love of animals, but it is important to warm up the little one first. The following warm-up measures are necessary:

  • do not use red light
  • but hot water bottle
  • alternatively PET bottle with warm water or
  • Cherry pit pillow or
  • rubber glove with warm water

Tip: The wildlife rescue service can not only answer the question "What to do?", but can also provide addresses of suitable facilities for raising wild animals or appropriate care and rearing centers for moles.

Proper accommodation

Of course, the young must also be housed properly, a small box or box can be used for this. A towel can simply be folded into this as a base so that the animal can bury itself in it. Of course it would be even better

  • Soil or sand from the garden
  • or a mix of both

Also to be noted:

  • adequate humidity
  • warm and dark lineup of the box
Cup of fennel tea

Even after warming up, the young animal must not be offered any food. Only in the case of dehydration is it possible to administer some fennel tea. This is carefully administered to the puppy using a small 1ml syringe. An examination by a veterinarian is also important to determine the state of health. However, it should be borne in mind that not every veterinarian has knowledge of wildlife, and Animal Rescue can help here too.

Notice: After 14 days, the fur of the puppies grows, after the 22nd day they can see and move and after two months they can dig independently. Then the cubs are expelled from the mother.

raise at home?

The rearing of a baby mole is very time-consuming and requires appropriate expertise according to Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act. If this is available, the little one can be raised at home after consultation with the veterinarian or the animal rescue service. However, it should be noted that there is precise knowledge of the nutritional requirements in order to feed the animal appropriately to the species. A young animal can starve after half a day without food. This should not be forgotten, so found animals should always be placed in competent hands. There is also the possibility that not all animals survive.

Notice: A mole can live between three and five years.

frequently asked Questions

When does mole mating season usually begin?

The mating season begins in late February to early March. The time depends on the prevailing temperatures. It usually takes place under the ground during construction, more rarely at night on the surface.

How long is the gestation period for moles?

The young are born approximately 28 to 30 days after mating, usually during April. One litter is expected annually. This can consist of two to seven, but usually consists of three to four puppies on average.

Can baby moles be fed regular drinking milk?

No. The digestive tract of the little ones cannot tolerate the composition of drinking milk. Sometimes diarrhea can occur. After being fed, the animals would inevitably die. It is therefore better to give found babies to professional care.

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