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When a vacation is coming up, the fear of dying plants is great. Luckily, you can use string to make an effective holiday watering solution for your potted plants.

In a nutshell

  • thick cords lead from the water container to the plant
  • water-bearing natural materials are used
  • Water tank must be placed correctly
  • The amount of water depends on the number of plants and the length of the holiday
  • Note the lime sensitivity of the plants

utensils and materials

In order to tinker an irrigation system for your indoor plants, you need the right tools. Without them, it is not possible to implement the project to make it work properly. The project uses a string that soaks up water and gradually releases it to the plant. The great advantage of this method is that the plant can be supplied with water over a long period of time without putting it under water. As soon as the substrate starts to dry out, the moisture is released from the thread. For this reason, the most important material is a wool thread, which is measured according to the following criteria:

  • Distance from water tank to plant
  • height of the container

These two values are added together to give you an approximate idea of how much thread you need. Of course, if you have an entire roll available, you don't have to worry about running out of material. Be sure to use thicker lines as they absorb more water. When choosing the water tank, you need to consider the duration of your vacation. The plants need about 200 to 300 milliliters per week, which is the size of a mason jar. You will also need the following items per plant to make watering for the holiday:

  • 2 x stones, small weights or screws
  • scissors
  • optional: box (as an increase for the vessel)
Regular watering is not possible during a holiday. A self-made holiday watering system helps.

Tip: If you have to care for several plants, you can also use a large water container that supplies the individual buckets with several cords. Just make sure you calculate the amount of water you need correctly.


In order to optimize the effect of the holiday watering, you still have to make one important preparation: the placement of the plants. If you give each plant a water container, you can leave the plants in their normal places. On the other hand, if all plants are to be supplied by a single water source, you will have to adjust the location slightly, as they are closer together. A compromise must be made between sunny and shady places according to the light requirements for the plants so that they are not unfavorable. For this reason, balconies are not so well suited for this method, since the sun's rays are usually more intense and uncontrollable. The following points have proven themselves when choosing a location if you want to water larger groups of plants via a container:

  • Avoid permanent direct sun
  • choose bright rooms
  • water container not in the sun
  • avoid cold rooms

Make holiday watering: instructions

Once you have the necessary supplies ready and your bags packed, you can start watering. You don't have to worry about the time it takes, because even several plants can be prepared with the device in just a few minutes. You have to place the water tank higher for this. For this reason you need a box, especially for tall tubs. The device will not work if the water container is lower than the flower pots. He must be at least ten centimeters higher. Then follow this guide to complete the watering method:

  • Cut cords to required length
  • place one end on the bottom of the water container
  • weigh down with a stone or other weight
  • Check fit and readjust if necessary
  • the thread must not "escape"
  • Lead the woolen thread from the bucket to the plant
  • Stick 8 to 10 cm into the substrate
  • fasten from above as well
  • Threads should be slightly stretched
  • must not sag (does not transport water)

Notice: The cord does not have to be a pure woolen thread. It can also be made of pure cotton, which is a little cheaper to buy depending on the brand.

frequently asked Questions

How can indoor plants be watered even more effectively over a holiday?

If you keep plants that require a lot of care, a string is not always enough for holiday watering. If it is a species that needs to be cared for in a certain way, professional holiday care for the plants is a good idea. Alternatively, you can ask relatives or friends to take care of the plants.

Can plastic cords, such as fishing lines, be used?

No. because they cannot absorb water. The moisture does not penetrate the wool threads and for this reason does not reach the substrate of the container plant. Therefore, do not use synthetic fibers to implement the holiday watering.

What must not be overlooked when watering?

Water quality is often forgotten when a holiday is just around the corner. Many potted plants are sensitive to lime and should therefore only be supplied with soft water. If you also keep a lime-sensitive species, for example Phalaenopsis orchids, you should prepare the water accordingly. Filtered or stagnant water works best for this.

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