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Have you adopted a female rabbit? Then you need a name quickly. A particularly golden one is best, which underlines the cute appearance. We know how difficult it is to find the right bunny name. So here we are introducing you to cute female bunny names.

In a nutshell

  • wide range of cute bunny names for females
  • match cute appearance or character
  • Names with beautiful meanings
  • Inspired by sweet food

Cute bunny name selection criteria

Unlike male bunnies, who are often given strong names, female bunnies go particularly well with cute names. Sweet names are particularly distinguished by

  • soft pronunciation
  • golden meaning
  • Allusion to cute character
  • cutesy endings like "-i" or "-chen"
Cute bunny names pair particularly well with female bunnies.

Tip: Because of the cutesy endings, almost every name sounds cute. You can therefore simply add an ending such as "-lein" to your desired name. You'll soon have a cuter-sounding name.

Name by appearance and character

It is very popular to name pets based on appearance or personality traits. This method is perfect for reflecting your bunny's cute looks or character. You can find particularly cute bunny names here.

  • Aisha (the lively; the fun-loving)
  • Amanda (amiable)
  • Belinda (the soft; the gentle)
  • Bella (the beauty)
  • Bianca (the white one)
  • Blacky
  • bobble
  • Bonnie (good; pretty)
  • browni
  • Calista (beautiful; petite)
  • Cara (dear; dear)
  • Cassie (the black one)
  • Clara (the shining one)
  • Dahlia (with curly hair)
  • Delilah (flowing curls)
  • Ellie (the bright shiny one)
  • Felia (the lucky one)
  • Finni (the seeker)
  • Fiona (the white one)
  • Flecki
  • Fluffy (fluffy)
  • goldie
  • Guapa (the beautiful)
  • Happy (happy)
  • rabbit
  • hopline
  • Hopsi
  • Jenny (the fair one; the white one)
  • Josy (the beautiful; the wonderful)
  • Kali (the black one)
  • Kalina (scarlet)
  • Kira (the clear one)
  • blob
  • buttons
  • cuddle
  • Laila (the wise)
  • Lana (the shining one)
  • Mandy (the lovely one)
  • mummeline
  • Onawa (the vigilant)
  • Paulina (the smallest)
  • paw
  • Piroschka (the venerable)
  • dots
  • pompom
  • Quiana (the graceful one)
  • cuddle
  • snub
  • Velvet (velvety)
  • Yazhi (the little one)
  • cloud
  • fuzzy
  • bustle
“Paulina” is the youngest in her family.

Tip: Take your time choosing a name. It often takes a few days for your rabbit's character to show. This will avoid choosing an inappropriate name.

Cute sounding bunny names

But there are also names that let us melt away just by their sound. Because these cute bunny names sound so soft and cute, they're a perfect match for an adorable female bunny.

  • Abelina
  • evening star
  • ambergris
  • baby
  • bea
  • Bibi
  • floret
  • Buffy
  • Bunny
  • buttercup
  • Debbie
  • dizzy
  • Ebby
  • Elli
  • Emba
  • emmy
  • Eve
  • Evelyn
  • feather
  • fairy
  • Feline
  • little girl
  • fipsi
  • Fluffy
  • flake
  • granny
  • Gretchen
  • bunny
  • Heidi
  • Holly
  • inch
  • little girl
  • Iva
  • issy
  • jenny
  • jessie
  • jodi
  • Julchen
  • Kari
  • catty
  • kissy
  • dandelion
  • Maya
  • Mary
  • mousy
  • mike
  • Mimi
  • Minka
  • Minnie
  • Molly
  • Nana
  • Nanni
  • pebbles
  • Pippi
  • pixie
  • Polly
  • princess
  • dandelion
  • resi
  • Romy
  • Rosie
  • florets
  • snowflake
  • snow white
  • Schnuffi
  • Schnuffelmouse
  • tapestry
  • tibi
  • Tinka
  • trienches
  • trixie
  • uschi
  • Vroni
  • cloudy
Don't "Tibi" and "Tapsi" go perfectly together?

Cute bunny names with meaning

Some rabbit names not only sound beautiful, but also have a great meaning. Although you don't hear the names that often, these names also suit female rabbits perfectly.

  • Aaliyah (the greatest; the most exalted)
  • Abby (Joy)
  • Afra (colors of the earth)
  • Aida (Moonlight)
  • Alaska (country towards which the sea flows)
  • Alina (the healer)
  • Amy (lover)
  • angel
  • Belana (Mother of Light)
  • Benita (the blessed one)
  • blossom
  • Basima (smile)
  • Bluette (Cornflower)
  • Banshee (woman from the fairy realm)
  • Celina (the heavenly)
  • Conchita (small mussel; mussels)
  • daisy
  • Dana (wise; clever)
  • Davina (little deer)
  • Dory (gift; gift)
  • dream
  • Diana (the one who shines like the light of day)
  • Enja (water of life; source of life)
  • Eufemia (cheerfulness; of good reputation)
  • fairy
  • flora (flower)
  • Fortuna (Luck; Destiny)
  • Geena (Queen of Heaven)
  • Hannah (grace; grace)
  • heaven
  • hope
  • Jessie (remains forever; security)
  • Kazenoko (Child of the Wind)
  • Keana (gentleness)
  • Kiran (Rays of the Sun)
  • Kora (girl)
  • Leotia (prairie flower)
  • Melody (melody)
  • Muriel (Shining Sea)
  • Nayeli (I love you)
  • Niara (bright, clear water)
  • Oana (mercy)
  • Onatha (Daughter of Earth)
  • Ostara (the vernal one; goddess of spring)
  • Otekah (Sun Maiden)
  • Reika (lovely flower; starlight)
  • Roxana (Dawn)
  • Runa (hidden knowledge; secret wisdom)
  • Selma (harmony; peace)
  • sunshine
  • Sweethar (darling; darling)
  • sweetie
  • Tabea (Morning Star)
  • Tiva (she dances)
Anyone who loves flowers so much really deserves the name "Daisy".

Sweet inspiration from food

But you can also take "sweet" literally and name your cute rabbit after a sweet food. This results in a particularly sweet rabbit name. And the names sound cute too.

  • Blueberry
  • crumbs
  • brownie
  • candy
  • cake
  • Cupcake
  • Cherry
  • cookie
  • caramel
  • chip
  • Haribo
  • hazel
  • biscuit
  • crumbs
  • lollipop
  • Milka
  • peach
  • peanuts
  • chocolate
  • sprinkles
  • Sugar
  • twix
  • vanilla
  • cinammon
Not only is "Caramel" cute, she also has a cute bunny name.

Tip: It doesn't always have to be something sweet to eat. Also hearty; Sour or Vegetable is suitable as a female rabbit name. How about, for example, "onion" as a name?

frequently asked Questions

Is there a difference between hares and rabbits?

Yes. Biologically, there are two different species. In the vernacular, however, both are titled as rabbits. When choosing a name, it doesn't matter much whether your darling is a hare or a rabbit.

What to do if the cute bunny name doesn't suit my animal after all?

This is not a problem. Since bunnies don't listen to their names, you can easily rename the animal. It is best to choose the new name carefully to avoid renaming it again.

Can I also give a cute bunny name to a male name?

Naturally. You can choose any name you like. You can also give a female a very strong name or a male a cute name.

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