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They are gross and discourage you from swimming - maggots, worms, larvae and other bugs in the pool. They often do not appear there individually, but in very large numbers. The causes of such an infestation can be manifold. It is not uncommon for the water quality to be lacking. And things can also go wrong with the pool cleaning. Draining the pool water completely and cleaning it thoroughly again is something like first aid.

Maggots and worms in the pool

Actually, you don't want to swim with bugs that much. Sure, the occasional bug, maggot or worm floating in the water is part and parcel of an outdoor pool. However, if these insects appear in dozens or even hundreds of times and maggots join them, the fun clearly stops. In fact, such an infestation is not uncommon. The reasons for this are manifold:

  • general site conditions
  • weather conditions
  • contaminants in the pool
  • Impurities in the filter system
  • insufficient cleaning before the winter break
  • not optimal water quality

In general, it can be said that the frequent occurrence of vermin in the pool water or on the pool edges is an indication that something is wrong. Finding the actual problem is usually not possible or involves a great deal of effort. Therefore, preventive measures are crucial, all of which have something to do with hygiene. If the problem is virulent, the only thing that helps is to immediately improve the water quality and, if in doubt, to empty the pool again and clean it thoroughly again.


A swimming pool in the garden offers a variety of opportunities for insects to nest and even hibernate there. Since it is almost continuously damp in the pool area and often relatively warm, there are also ideal conditions for laying eggs. Therefore, one of the most important preventive measures is to completely drain the water in autumn and to really clean the entire pool area thoroughly. Niches as well as inflows and outflows must also be included. How to prevent maggots and worms in the pool.

notice: Insects prefer to nest in sheltered locations, i.e. places where they are literally safe. It is therefore imperative that all areas that are less easily accessible must be included in the cleaning measures.

A sticking point can also be the pool cover, which is intended to protect the pool from dirt in winter. Whether it is a tarpaulin or some kind of fixed structure, the cover is often stored in places where contamination can occur during the summer. Before attaching the cover in the fall, it is strongly advisable to also clean it up hygienically so that the problems do not first get into the tank.

tip: If possible, the pool and the cover should be cleaned of all dirt with a pressure washer. These devices can also be borrowed for relatively little money.

Getting rid of maggots and worms in the pool

If there is already a concrete infestation, preventive measures will of course not help. Then concrete support measures are required. As a first step, you should check the water values with a suitable test kit. The following values should be achieved:

  • pH 7.0 to 7.6
  • Chlorine value 1.0 to 3.0

If the values are not within these ranges, care and disinfectants must be added. It is imperative to follow the dosing instructions for the respective product. In this context, it is important to know that it takes around twelve hours for the pH value in the entire pool area to level off again. Once the targeted levels have been reached, the problem should largely go away and worms, maggots, and larvae should be mostly gone. Other helpful measures include:

  • Carrying out a backwash, in particular of the filter system
  • Cleaning the strainer in the skimmer
  • manual removal of impurities in the water using a landing net

Incidentally, the water level can also play a role. It should be based on the specifications or recommendations of the manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, the combination of these measures should bring the infestation under control very quickly. If this is not the case, you have no choice but to completely drain the water in the pool and proceed to intensive post-cleaning of all areas.


Even after the problem has been fundamentally solved, you should always keep an eye on the situation in the pool and, of course, in the pool water. Above all, it is recommended to check the water values regularly and to take countermeasures immediately in the event of deviations. There is also no way around regular manual cleaning of the water. A pool is fun, but also a little bit of work. If you take this to heart, maggots and worms in the pool will no longer be a problem.

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