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Choosing a gift for a loved one is sometimes difficult. Most of the time the choice is just too big. This also applies to gifts for gardeners. There are plenty of ways to please a garden lover. Often it is not even necessary to spend a lot of money. Even little things for the garden can be useful for the hobby gardener. Homemade gifts are particularly unique.


If you know exactly what the recipient is doing in their garden, you can give them a colorful assortment of plants. Packed in a pretty wicker basket, blooming flowers in particular can bring joy. In the garden trade there are plants for all areas of the garden. In addition to flowers, you will find there, for example:

  • perennials
  • rock garden plants
  • summer flowers
  • herbs
  • vegetable plants

If you want to give away vegetables or herbs, make sure you only choose plants that the gardener has room for in the garden and that he likes. If the gift is intended for someone who only has a balcony, so-called mini vegetables are suitable.

Notice: If you're giving plants away to someone who's just starting out in gardening, point out that the plants shouldn't be left in the small pots for too long.


In addition to plants, seeds are very suitable as a gift idea for a hobby gardener. The compositions can be selected individually. A bag of seeds can even enhance a simple greetings card.

Special seed mixtures help with the creation of wildflower meadows or summer flower beds. Mixtures of different types of vegetables not only enrich the garden, but also the kitchen of the recipient. Colorful vegetables can arouse children's interest. Better than ordinary seeds are suitable for children's seed tapes or seed plates. They simplify sowing. The seeds do not necessarily have to be bought in specialist shops. Seeds of special plants or vegetables that you have collected yourself are also a good gift idea.

Tip: Arrange the packets of seeds in a pretty little basket with some decorations. Don't forget to label the seeds you collected yourself.


Flower bulbs are planted in spring and autumn. They bloom in spring or in summer/autumn, depending on what you choose. In early spring, early bloomers are commercially available, including:

  • hyacinths
  • crocuses
  • grape hyacinths
  • tulips
  • daffodils
tulip bulbs

These can be bought in simple plastic pots as well as in small baskets with matching decorations. The first variant is easy to put together and decorate yourself.

For the gardener who is concerned with self-sufficiency, a mixture of different vegetable onions can also be an interesting gift. They come in different shapes and colors, such as red, white, and yellow.

garden tools

If you're looking for a bigger gift, how about a wheelbarrow full of useful gardening tools? Shovels, digging forks, spades, hoes or rakes are particularly useful. Make sure beforehand which garden tools are still needed and which the gardener already has in sufficient quantities.

Hand tools that can be bought in sets are well suited for the pot or balcony garden. They consist of a handle onto which various "heads" can be attached. If you like it classic, you can buy individual small tools and give them away together. When choosing tools, consider the material from which they are made. They should be durable and robust.

Pots for the harvest are important for self-sufficiency. The following are suitable for gifts:

  • bucket
  • Baskets of plastic or wood
  • fruit stairs


For garden lovers who like to read, a book is a suitable gift idea. However, the selection of non-fiction books is very large, which can make it difficult to find the right book.

A general work that covers as many different topics as possible and provides help and instructions is suitable for newcomers to the garden.

If you know that gardeners have certain preferences, why not wrap a book on the subject as a gift. People who are gifted with their hands will be happy about a book that introduces garden projects to build themselves. Hobby gardeners who value their own fruit and vegetables may like to read about self-sufficiency.

Tip: The gift becomes even more personal with a dedication and a self-made bookmark.

For children

If you are looking for a gift idea for a child who is enthusiastic about the garden, you will find a wide range of options in toy or garden shops. Many of these things are suitable for letting children help in the garden or teaching them about natural processes, such as the growth of a plant. Examples:

  • small, light wheelbarrows for children
  • watering cans
  • tools
  • Growing kits for flowers or vegetables
  • colorful flower pots

Outdoor toys are popular with children, such as a badminton set or larger toy vehicles. An interesting gift idea is a self-made wooden ring toss game that can be used at a children's birthday party.

The Garden Planner

A very individual gift idea is a self-designed garden planner. It is suitable for people who have a lot to do in the garden so that they do not lose track of the work to be done. A regular notebook or other planner can serve as a basis. A garden planner should include at least the following:

  • Calendar with space for daily notes
  • sowing calendar
  • harvest calendar
  • to-do lists
  • shopping lists
  • blank sheets for planning projects

You can decorate the planner with matching stickers and give away different pens. Ready-made garden planners can be bought in bookstores.


Decorative items for the garden bring joy to many people. If you want to give a decoration as a gift, make sure that it is suitable for the intended purpose. Objects that are always outdoors should be weatherproof and waterproof. It also doesn't hurt if the material used is robust, as this reduces the risk of it being damaged outside. If the recipient attaches great importance to sustainability, do not give away plastic decorations, instead use wooden items. Solar lights, for example, are very attractive and useful at the same time.
Colorful pots for indoor or balcony plants are also decorative.


Gardeners who grow fruit and vegetables may enjoy a collection of recipes they have put together themselves. You can summarize these in a small book or a nicely decorated folder. A ring binder has the advantage that the recipient can expand the collection at any time. When selecting the recipes, pay attention to the preferences of the recipient. But maybe he's open to new things and you can pique his curiosity with some original, unknown recipes.

Samples from your own garden are also well received as a gift from a gardener. Give away flavored oil, a jar of homemade jam or a mix of dried fruit pieces for your daily breakfast cereal.

For nature lovers

Most gardens are home to a wide variety of animals and plants. To promote biodiversity, nesting boxes, bird baths, insect hotels or bird feeders can be set up. All of this is also a good gift for garden lovers. Insect hotels or nesting boxes can be built with the appropriate instructions. Or give away a kit and offer to help with the assembly, which is particularly popular with children.

insect hotel

Regardless of whether you make something yourself or buy something, make sure that the material is robust and durable so that the gardener can enjoy your gift for a long time. Bird baths and bird feeders should also be easy to clean.


This means both classic vouchers for shops or online shops and personal vouchers. If you know that the recipient has a liking for a specific shop, then it is easy to purchase a voucher from them and give it as a gift. Many vouchers can still be individually decorated or at least nicely wrapped.

There is more leeway with a personal voucher. Offer the garden lover your help with gardening or give away a voucher for a gardening course. For owners of many fruit trees, this could be a pruning course, for example.

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