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When you can put a hedge in the garden is influenced by various factors. First you should define your project in order to then find the ideal date.

spring and autumn planting

Basically, the ideal time for planting hedges is in autumn. At this time of the year, longer periods of heat and drought are no longer to be expected, so that the trees do not dry out and can invest their energy in root growth. These grow well until winter. Spring planting is necessary when the shrubs cannot be planted out in autumn due to their sensitivity to frost. Furthermore, the type of plant cultivation within the tree nursery influences the planting time, but your individual planting project also plays a role:

  • Construction projects define the time of planting
  • Hedges can only be planted after the soil has been successfully prepared
  • It is also possible to place individual hedge elements on frozen ground
  • large-scale plantings easier to carry out in the frost-free period
  • Spring planting makes more sense for faster-growing privacy screens
  • There is no hurry to plant isolated decorative hedges

Hedges with root balls

The clearing of the so-called ball plants takes place in autumn and can last into winter. Such hedge plants are sold with soil balls, so that the plants have already developed a well-developed root system with numerous fine roots. Planting is then possible as soon as the main growth phase is over:

  • Planting usually from September
  • usually possible until May
  • with cool and constant temperatures also in June or July

Tip: Thuja, yew or cherry laurel are evergreen hedge plants. Ideally, you should plant these out between September and October, even with the root ball. This allows the root system to expand optimally before the start of winter.

shrubs in containers

Container plants are cultivated in a plastic pot. They do not have to be cut out before sale and therefore do not lose any roots. They benefit from 100 percent of their root mass year-round, giving them an advantage when growing. You are therefore free to choose the planting time:

  • can be planted all year round
  • Frost periods during the winter form an exception
  • do not plant evergreen shrubs in winter because of continuous evaporation
  • ideal planting time for these plants is between September and November

Bare root hedges

Deciduous shrubs are cleared in spring or autumn. For logistical reasons, these specimens emerge from the ground without soil, so their roots are bare. This method is a major disadvantage for the plant, because the lack of soil means there is no moisture buffer. It dries out very quickly and suffers damage. This affects the timing of planting:

  • only expose in cooler seasons
  • Plant immediately after purchase and do not store temporarily
  • ideal planting time is in the fall
  • Plant frost-sensitive species preferably in spring

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