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If you no longer want to collect rainwater from your IBC container yourself, you must consider using a pump. One type is particularly well suited for this purpose.

In a nutshell

  • IBC containers do not have enough pressure for effective irrigation
  • Submersible pumps enable permanent use of rainwater after installation
  • irrigation can be automated with a pressure switch
  • a classic garden pump can also be used
  • Garden pumps are replaced after use

Ideal: submersible pump

If your IBC tank is to be equipped with an electric pump to pump rainwater, you should use a submersible pump. Submersible pumps have the great advantage that they can be installed permanently as they are waterproof, including the live cables. This allows the device to be installed once and then used without having to re-immerse the pumps in the IBC container each time. After installation, the device pumps the water directly from the tank without you having to turn on the tap. However, you can still use the faucet because it is not connected to the device. The hose for using the rainwater is led out of the opening to the outside. For this reason, do not choose a hose that is too short so as not to limit the range of irrigation.

Notice: Before you can use this type of pump, you need to widen the opening on the top, as the device will not fit in it by default. A jigsaw is sufficient for this.

Submersible pump with pressure switch

Submersible pumps have another advantage. You can automate them by adding a pressure switch. The function of the pressure switch ensures that the submersible pump switches on automatically as soon as the water pressure is too low or falls below the minimum pressure. The pressure is determined by turning the water tap on or off the IBC container. That is, when you turn on the tap, the pressure drops and the device turns on. The biggest advantages besides the automated operation are:

  • power saving
  • Minimum pressure individually configurable
  • low purchase price

The installation is carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions, as not every model is installed in the same way.

Alternative: garden pump

If you do not want to install or purchase a submersible pump, you can rely on a conventional garden pump. Garden pumps are mainly suitable for combination with an IBC tank if you do not have a permanent installation in mind. Since, unlike submersible pumps, they are not located directly in the container, they are set up as required and locked again after use. You are connected as follows:

  • Set up the garden pump
  • connect to the electricity
  • Guide the hose into the IBC container from above
  • Connect the irrigation hose
  • turn on the pump

The use is the same for most of the available models and can be implemented quickly and effectively. When choosing the pump, make sure you choose a high-quality product so that you can use it reliably over a long period of time.

Tip: If you want to use your garden pump continuously without having to dismantle it every time, you should choose a waterproof location. Protection from the weather is also recommended.

frequently asked Questions

What flow rate should the pump have?

Because usable rainwater needs to be pumped out of the IBC tank, the device selected must not be underpowered. The decisive factor here is the flow rate, as this indicates the pressure at which the water is pumped. A power of 1 to 2 bar is perfectly sufficient for most IBC containers, as the tanks are not deeper.

What type of pump is used to completely empty the container?

If you need to empty the IBC tank, for example for an upcoming transport, you need other pumps. So-called flat suction pumps, which leave a maximum water level of two millimeters behind after use, are suitable for this purpose. Other pumps do not allow such results.

For which area of application are the pumps not suitable?

Using the pumps becomes problematic if you want to use a water sprinkler. The pump pressure will not be enough to use the plant effectively, even if you use a powerful model. Also, many containers aren't close enough to the lawn, which also loses some pressure unless you use a proper gauge hose.

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