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Removing weeds from joints is one of the tedious jobs for many property owners. The right methods help to make gardening easier.

In a nutshell

  • Weeds cannot be permanently removed with a joint scraper
  • this does not eliminate the roots
  • Various tools for thorough weed removal are available
  • they are harmless to the environment


The biggest problem with weeds in joints is the root system. Regardless of whether you are dealing with dandelion and its taproot or another growth, weeds can only be permanently removed with the root. For this reason, the use of a classic joint brush or a joint scraper is not recommended, as they only remove the above-ground parts of the plant. Instead, use a weed puller. This tool reaches down to the root of the plant and pulls it out of the ground along with it. When choosing a suitable tool, be sure to pay attention to the diameter of the joints. This determines the maximum width of the weed cutter. It is applied as follows:

Source: Neitram, Weeder, edited from Plantopedia, CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Put on the weed puller
  • a few centimeters before the weeds
  • dig deep into the ground
  • loosen soil
  • Plant can now be pulled out of the ground

Boiling water

Permanently removing weeds from joints is also possible with boiling water. The liquid penetrates deep into the plant, causing it to die from within. Depending on the frequency of use, the roots of the weeds are also eliminated, which represents a permanent solution against weeds. When using it, it doesn't matter whether you use hard or low-lime water. It must be boiled and then poured directly onto the grout. After about three to four days, the plants have died and can be swept away with a broom or collected by hand.

flaming device

The flame burner has established itself as one of the most popular devices for the long-term removal of weeds. With this, the weeds are burned, which prevents the seed from spreading. With other methods, seeds can still disperse while they are being removed. This is different with the flaming device. If you don't have a flame burner yourself, you can rent one from hardware stores or specialist companies for around ten euros a day. Choose a day for the procedure when it is not too wet or raining. Then follow these instructions:

  • Turn on the flaming device
  • follow the course of the foot
  • Hold flame over individual weeds
  • don't dwell too short on weeds
  • this allows heat to reach the roots
  • repeat until entire area is free of weeds
  • Turn off the burner
  • Sweep the area thoroughly

Notice: You need to use the flame weeder regularly as the flames mainly remove the above ground parts of the plant. However, the resulting heat ensures that there is no opportunity for the seed to germinate in the joint material for a long time.

high pressure cleaner

Yes, you can take action against the annoying weeds yourself with a high-pressure cleaner. The powerful water jet ensures that plants, seedlings and seeds are flushed out of the joints, which means that colonization is no longer possible and weeds can then be easily removed from the joints. This is exactly what makes the high-pressure cleaner so effective in terms of application. Since in many cases you completely empty the joints when using a high-pressure cleaner, you also need joint sand or a comparable product. You can find out how to use the high-pressure cleaner to remove weeds permanently with the following instructions:

  • Necessary water pressure: from 10 bar
  • normal nozzles will suffice
  • work off the terrace joints with the high-pressure cleaner
  • aim the jet directly into the joint
  • Do not use in the direction of house walls or fences
  • turn away from building structures
  • Thoroughly sweep out the joint after use
  • Fill the joint with sand
  • work in with the broom
  • Dispose of weeds in household waste

Notice: Pressure washers are ideal if you want to remove weeds from a larger area and clean them at the same time. The water jet can be used on the panels without any problems and without damaging them.

frequently asked Questions

What are the ways to prevent weeds in joints?

To prevent weeds from settling in the gaps, you should weed your garden before seed formation. That means you have to remove the weeds regularly throughout the year. Another option is weekly sweeping of the patio and path slabs. Seeds, seedlings and other organic materials are thoroughly swept out of joint.

How effective is grout?

Another way to prevent weeds is to use grout. The spaces between the floor slabs can be sealed thoroughly over a period of several years with joint mortar. This prevents weeds from settling. Remember to check the grout regularly and touch up if necessary.

Which resources should not be used?

It is essential to avoid chemical agents, as they are not environmentally friendly and often cause more damage than desired. It is not uncommon for flower beds, for example, to also get some of the agent, causing the ornamental flowers to die. Vinegar essence and salt are also not recommended as they could get into the groundwater.

How to prevent joint pain when removing weeds?

If you have to get down on your knees when removing weeds, you can use knee cushions. They reduce the strain on your knees and make gardening a lot easier when using a weed puller.

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